Growing up, "Tik Tok" was a song by the popular music artist, Kesha and not a popular app that's used by millions of people regularly. Not to be confused with the song, TikTok and "Tik Tok" do have different spellings, although you can definitely listen to music on TikTok. The thing with TikTok is that even major restaurants such as Chipotle are in on the fun. While I don't know if they do any random dancing on their account since I'm part of the 1% that's not on TikTok, they now have something called Complete Customization that I'd like to discuss.

Complete Customization?

Chipotle Burrito Bowl, burrito bowl, Chipotle
Jocelyn Hsu

Yeah, you heard me. Complete Customization allows you to add either more or less of a certain ingredient in Chipotle's app when you're mobile ordering since in full honesty, ordering at the store these days just isn't a thing for the most part, despite COVID-19. Standing in line takes up so much time, and we're usually in a rush when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat. Not to say that people eat like utter crap, but it's more of a time issue. Now, of course, we have more time, but the thing is, standing on an actual line to order food just isn't allowed at food places that are open.

Along with the launch of Complete Customization on Chipotle's app just so happens to be DIY hacks from TikTok. That pains me to write since I wrote about 10 Chipotle items that you didn't know existed before TikTok blew up, so I recommend that you check that out, too, but we're here to discuss the DIY hacks from TikTok. 

What are the DIY TikTok hacks?

Hannah Bettis

The hacks from TikTok include DIY NachosThe Extra Dip, and the Taco Salad Hack. While it's to be determined as to whether or not I'll be testing any of these hacks out for myself, I know that I'll be having fun with Chipotle's Complete Customization, because I love extra rice, chicken, beans, and dairy... basically the whole nine yards. Before I move on, Chipotle fans can also enjoy $1 delivery on any order $10 or more via the Chipotle app and through May 31, as I was told via email.

Curt Garner, Chief Technology Officer has stated that "We’re working to integrate everything fans love about Chipotle restaurants into our app; the interactions between our employees and customers moving down the line is so important, and Complete Customization lets our fans replicate the nuances of their favorite orders digitally.” Besides, with Complete Customization on the app, you won't have to worry about negative Nancy in the back judging you for your order.

Just like most companies, Chipotle has a rewards program that's known as Chipotle Rewards. According to an email, people enrolled in the rewards program will earn "10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online, or in the app, with 1,250 points resulting in a free entrée. Bonuses, like extra point days, help Chipotle Rewards members earn points more quickly so real food becomes real free, real fast." Besides, food always tastes better when it's free, and that's a hard known fact.

Now that you know more about the TikTok hacks and about Complete Customization, trek on and forth to your local Chiptole or have them come to you, depending on if they deliver to you or not. Now's the perfect time to try new things, since your quarantine is probably just a tad bit boring, so this will help to spice things up.