Chipotle's queso has had a tough run thus far. The company said that it was one of their most requested items, so earlier this year, they gave the people what they wanted. However, it wasn't at all what we wanted. We wanted gooey, warm, almost fake-cheesy queso dip, and instead, Chipotle acted like our friends' health nut mom and gave us a natural, kinda grainy cheese dip. Ugh.

Even with the social media revolts, Chipotle took their queso nationwide. Although, I've heard that they've tweaked the recipe since, so that's good. And now, they want you to try it. In fact, they want you to try it so badly, they're willing to give it to you for free. Whatever—I'll take the bait. 

You can get free queso at Chipotle on Tuesday, Dec. 12. All you have to do, according to the fast casual chain, is purchase an entree and wear a "cheesy sweater."  Now, there's no real rule on what defines cheesy. Chipotle acknowledges that and says, "Just like your burrito order, it's what you make of it. (Surprise us.)" 

Not so coincidentally, I'm sure, it's also ugly Christmas sweater season. So wash the chocolate syrup and peppermint Schnapp's off the collar of your party sweater and use it for more savagery (like free liquid cheese) at Chipotle. 

If you tried the queso when it first debuted and right now you're thinking, "Uh, not worth the trip." I get it. But sometimes it's OK to give people second chances. Last week, Business Insider reported that they gave the queso another taste test and it was actually pretty good. "The chain quietly changed the recipe — and it's way better now," they wrote.

If you have yet to try the stuff, it sounds like now is the prime time to do so. Other than your sweater possibly stripping you of your dignity in front of your co-workers and friends, you'll get free cheese dip that's undergone more work than Heidi Montag. So cheers to free cheese, and happy holidays you filthy animals.