If you didn't know Chipotle served alcohol, welcome to the party that began five years ago and is still solidly rocking on.  Although the fast-casual chain is most likely never going to be our happy hour go-to, Chipotle's test kitchen is brewing up a snappy new bevvy called the Frozen Paloma Margarita. Call it spring, call it love, call it Mercury in retrograde, something inside us on this last week of March is a stirring. We are ready as hell for day drinking, sunshine sipping season, and this beverage sounds like our first stop to glory. 

A "Paloma" is one of the classic tequila cocktails every twenty-something or vodka cranberry graduate should know about (and if you're drinking tequila water limes, there are better ways to get a buzz on.) Your traditional Paloma consists of grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar, tequila, a lil' club soda and ice. You know, the things impromptu dance parties and dreams are made of. 

What makes Chipotle's Frozen Paloma Margarita special is that they've combined this refreshing cocktail with your good friend, the margarita. Hence the frozen adjective in this new novelty drink. Plus, they use agave, a natural form of sugar. As reported by the Daily Meal, in regards to the booze power in the Sauza tequila, citrus, and agave combo, "This slushy can make you sloshy.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Despite how much potential this bad boy has as a post two hour lecture refresher, it's not currently available nationwide. Chipotle's Frozen Paloma Margarita is currently only available at their NEXT kitchen, their NYC test kitchen, which looks like a normal Chipotle, but serves up new creations to its patrons. The beverage is selling for $6.20 in a 14-ounce plastic cup, but if you can't get your hands on one yet, experiment by making your own Palomas. Then toss that baby in the blender: Hello, frozen Palomas. Happy Spring, Spoonies.