You may not know, but Chipotle has actually been serving margaritas for quite some time now. They’re only available at locations that obtain liquor licenses, which may be why you haven’t seen them, but they’re still sold at about 900 locations. Chipotle has brought in the fast booze movement, and we should be so thankful.


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Chipotle began their margarita making back in 2013 using Sauza tequila, and have since updated to a new recipe, kicking the mix to the curb and featuring premium Patrón, triple sec, organic agave syrup, and fresh lemon and lime juice.

With just a few simple ingredients, “The new margarita tastes much better and is a really terrific addition to our menu,” according to Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle. Popsugar agrees, awarding the new Patrón margs with 4 stars.

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It’s not the cheapest place to drink, at around $6.50 for a 12-oz. margarita, but hey, it’s Chipotle. We all know they love to charge extra

It’s an interesting concept actually, combining what still falls under the category of “fast food” with alcoholic beverages, something commonly associated with a more laid-back meal, but I can definitely think of worse things. Maybe it’s a time saver, grabbing some food while also starting your pre-game? Or maybe the offering of classy margaritas at Chipotle establishes it as an acceptable date destination? You can decide.

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Tell me those tacos don’t look better with a margarita next to them.

It takes only about 30-60 seconds to whip one up, so it won’t hold you up in Chipotle’s well-known, ridiculously fast-moving line. And the margaritas, although they’re old news at this point, only add to Chipotle’s establishment as more of “fast casual food” rather than just your typical fast food joint. Who knows, maybe Domino’s will start serving wine soon. (And if they do, you heard it here first)!

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