My parents are big foodies, so naturally, I grew up to being one too. I grew up in Chicago, which is a hot spot for culture, entertainment, and high-quality restaurants. No matter the occasion, use that paycheck of yours to treat yourself and your 'rents to a little night out on the town. From gourmet wines and filet mignon to roasted peking and citrus desserts, these places are well worth your time and tummies while in Chicago. 

1. Bavette's Bar & Boeuf: 4.7 Star Rating

Bavette's Bar & Beef is the highest-rated restaurant in Chicago. From aged steaks, to market priced seafood, there is an array of mouthwatering choices. Savory and unique, the meals served here are the epitome of fine dining.

2. Cherry Circle Room: 4.6 Star Rating

The Cherry Circle room is a hidden gem, residing in The Chicago Athletic Association's building. Cherry Circle Room may be a small restaurant, but provides big picture food. Pictured above is an eye-catching big eye tuna with fioe gras torchon, pickled papaya, and seaweed versus on top.

3. Boka: 4.6 Star Rating

Boka can be best described as a seasonal American restaurant, located in Lincoln Park. It's had a consecutive Michelin Star rating from 2011-2016, and their seasonal menu has three principle categories: cold, hot, and entree. Pictured above is a Cool Mango Citrus Dessert that was featured in Time Out Chicago's annual 100 Best Desserts in 2016.

4. Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak, & Stone Crab: 4.6 Star Rating

Steak and seafood is their specialty, and you can find anything to satisfy your craving at Joe's, whether it be surf or turf. It only has three locations, and luckily, one of them resides here in Chicago. Added bonus, if you're a part of the Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Dining Club, this place is one of the 90 restaurants included. Pictured above is one notable specialty, The Stone Crab.

5. Gibson's Bar & Steak House: 4.5 Star Rating

Gibson's is so bougie that they have their own USDA Certification for meat. The meat they use is region specific to the upper midwest that is bred-only black angus. Specializing in steak, they have various selections of cuts and add-ons; quality sets Gibson's a part from the rest. Pictured above is a Filet Mignon along with mushrooms and spinach and a hollandaise sauce to match.

6. Remington's: 4.4 Star Rating

Another seasonal menu location is Remington's. This place has a raw bar and offers it all, whether it be steak, chicken, or crab cakes. The ambiance and decor is fitting to the location itself, situated right across from Millennium Park. Pictured above is the Nori Crusted Tuna, kimchi rice, and sesame soy teriyaki sauce.

7. North Pond: 4.4 Star Rating

North Pond is another hidden gem. The quaint little place within Lincoln Park isn't easily found, but when it is, you'll fall in love. If you aren't down with the seasonal 5-course meal, you can order a la carte from the menu itself. Pictured above is pheasant with sweet potato, riddled pheasant bologna, and spigariello.

8. Benny's Chop House: 4.4 Star Rating

Another wonderful steakhouse on the list is Benny's. They carry dry aged steaks and specialty selections along with steak enhancements (AKA add-ons). If you're not a meat person, they offer a wide selection of seafood. Pictured above is Shrimp De longhe.

9. Devon Seafood Grill: 4.2 Star Rating

Devon Seafood Grill offers an oyster bar and a downstairs dining room. Everything from the complimentary bread at the beginning of the meal to the Devon specialty entrees themselves are brilliantly done. This is the ideal place to get that seafood fix.

10. Seven Lions: 4.2 Star Rating

Seven Lions is a modern clubhouse restaurant, catering to those who have gluten restrictions. They conveniently offer gluten-free lunch and dinner menus. Their Pizzettes and crab mac-and-cheese are to die for, too, so don't miss out. Pictured above is a Glazed Berkshire Pork Chop with parsnip, sweet potato & gnocchi.

The following are within the $$ Price Range:

11. Girl & the Goat: 4.6 Star Rating

Girl & the Goat, located in the West Loop, offers family style entrees and an extensive drink list. They have an array of vegetarian dishes along with a variety of meat and seafood items. Pictured above is Goat Ribs with Bombay Duck Jus. 

12. The Purple Pig: 4.5 Star Rating

The Purple Pig is located right on the Magnificent Mile. They specialize in three simple things: cheese, swine, and wine. The online menu only is only a sample of what they have to offer, the menu itself being bigger on site.  Pictured above is the lamb rib dish.

13. Carnivale: 4.3 Star Rating

Carnivale is a Latin-inspired restaurant with colorful rooms, ornately decorated just for you. The drink menu is extensive and the cocktails are one-of-a-kind. I personally recommend the Aracherra, Paradillada Argentina, and the Ropa Vieja tacos pictured above.

14. The Gage: 4.3 Star Rating

The Gage is across from Millennium Park, down the street from Remington's and The Cherry Circle Room. This American restaurant has their well-known venison burger, amish chicken, and even a roasted peking duck breast. They carry an extensive amount of libations including about 20 beers of draft, a large wine list, and creative cocktails. Pictured above is the Chef's Fish Special.

15. Atwood: 4.1 Star Rating

Atwood is always bustling with customers, so be on the lookout for it while you're doing your shopping in The Loop. Pictured above is the Steak Tartare with a quail egg, shallots, parsley, chives, olive oil, mustard steak sauce, and house-made chips.