Coffee is the one thing that gets me through my college life. Every morning I look forward to sipping my steamy hot brew and semi-recovering from my lack of sleep the night before. But sometimes it's the middle of the day and I don't feel like drinking an entire cup. Shocking, I know, but it happens. Fortunately, I recently discovered something new at the counter of my campus convenience store: Go Cubes Chewable Coffee. And it has changed my life. 

The Concept

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee is a gummy cube that is supposed to taste like your favorite coffee beverages. The cubes are also supposed to give you the caffeine boost. Each cube has 50mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to half a cup of coffee. One serving size is two Go Cubes, and those 100mg of caffeine can keep you awake for 4-6 hours.

Go Cubes are made by Nootrobox. The cubes have nootropics, compounds that can help improve focus and memory, so Go Cubes are supposed to be perfect for long study sessions or parties (your pick).

Go Cubes sells three different flavors: Mocha, Latte, and Pure Drip (for black coffee lovers). The convenience stores at my university sell the Latte and Mocha varieties. I decided to go with a mocha because it's my favorite coffee drink. The gummy was sugar-coated but not too sweet in the center. It was chocolatey and the coffee flavor was quite bold.  

Does it Work?

Sarah Arora

Using just one Go Cube got me through a 5-hour study session. Of course, I would never skip my morning brew, because that would just not end well. However,  Go Cubes are a perfect substitute for those midday crashes and long study sessions. Chewable coffee wakes you up and has similar effects of the real joe.  


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Shelby Cohron

Besides the fact that it gives you energy, chewable coffee is cheap. I paid less than $3 for 4 cubes, and I usually only need one cube at a time. Chewable coffee is also super convenient. It is perfect for when you're in the library and cannot get up to grab a cup of coffee.  It's so much quicker to grab some Go Cubes at my local convenience store rather than standing in the Starbucks line for a real mocha. 

Chewable coffee is better for you and your teeth. Chewable coffee also doesn't stain your teeth as easily as liquid coffee. Go Cubes are also healthier than regular coffee shop favorites. Two cubes only have 70 calories, compared to a Tall Mocha at Starbucks, which is 310 calories. 


Chewable coffee has the weirdest aftertaste. It's pretty nasty, actually. It's worse than the aftertaste of real coffee because it has this gummy bear aftertaste mixed in. I can't even describe it. Anyway, as long as you buy mints or gum alongside the Go Cubes, you should be okay. Also, I have to admit that the sugar coating is a bit much, but you'll get through it. 

Chewable coffee may just be the next big thing when midterm season rolls around. Have your brew and chew it too. It'll help you stay awake and get through.