We get it, you're broke and you like to drink...and that's why you're here reading an article about the cheapest beers out there. Everyone can remember their first beer, and you're not getting the right college experience if it wasn't one of the following. 

If you're not a beer drinker, beer, salt and limes are your best friends — and talk about cheap. So flip your couch cushions and hit up the nearest convenience store with your new-found loose change. 


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Stephanie DeVaux

Personally one of my favorites because it has a very light and refreshing vibe, and its always on special at bars. 

"Hipsters love it, but everyone else thinks it's liquid shit." —Urban Dictionary 

ABV: 4.74%

Price per beer: 74 cents 

Calories: 153

Natty Light

You always remember your first love, and trust me — the more you're you drink it, the better it gets. 

ABV: 4.20%

Price per beer: 47 cents

Calories: 95

Narragansett Lager

It has one of the highest ratings for lagers on beeradvocates.com. Personally, I haven't tried this beer, but I can tell I wouldn't be a fan of the strong malt and hops flavor. 

ABV: 5%

Price per beer: 83 cents

Calories: 152

#SpoonTip: Cocktail bitters add a complexity to lagers. 

Coors Light

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Sharon Cho

So, you've decided you like the taste of beer and have moved up a notch — just make sure the mountains are blue. 

ABV: 4.20% (Coors is made in Colorado, coincidence? I think not).

Price per beer: 94 cents 

Calories: 102

Keystone Light

If you drink water, you'll drink Keystone Light. If you don't like Keystone, quit lying to yourself and keep chuggin'. 

ABV: 4.20% (Again, coincidence?) 

Price per beer: 50 cents

Calories: 104

#SpoonTip: Keystone Light is made for chugging, which makes it suitable for drinking games. Check out these fun games to play at your next party. 

Bud Light

If you think you like Bud Light, go home, you're drunk. 

ABV: 4.20%

Price per beer: 67 cents

Calories: 110

#SpoonTip: Beer pong it — because you won't like the taste, but it's the only thing there. 

Miller Lite

tea, lager, liquor, ale, alcohol, beer
Sharon Cho

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Miller Lite — it gets the job done, but tastes like swamp water. 

ABV: 4.17%

Price per beer: 71 cents

Calories: 96


I haven't tried Rainier, but I've heard it's rich in texture and flavor. Like I said before, I like light beers so I'm not planning to try this one any time soon. 

ABV: 4.60% 

Price per beer: 75 cents

Calories: 138


Smooth taste and easy finish, just the way I like it. Not my first pick, but it'll do. 

ABV: 4.30%

Price per beer: 57 cents

Calories: 133


Budweiser is a little heavy for my liking, but you can always count on the cool kid at the party to have one in his hand. 

ABV: 5% 

Price per beer: 85 cents

Calories: 137

You'll learn a lot of things while you're away at college, one of which is learning how to love the cheapest beers available — and this will be by far the most valuable information.