Presidents' Day is just around the corner and you may be at loss for how to celebrate. First, a little history: Presidents' Day was originally created to honor President George Washington, but now it's seen as a day to recognize all U.S. presidents, past and present. Here at Spoon, what better way to celebrate Presidents' Day than to imagine nine American presidents as foods?

1. President George Washington: Sliced Bread

George Washington, if you didn't already know, was the first ever POTUS. Being the first means that he set the standards of what it meant to be the POTUS. Though there are many presidents who came after him, no one ever forgets the original. This is why President Washington almost (he was born in 1732 while sliced bread was created in 1928)  perfectly represents the saying: "the best thing since sliced bread!"

2. President Thomas Jefferson: Beignets

President Thomas Jefferson was not only an ardent supporter of the French Revolution, but also the United States' minister to France. Moreover, he expanded the United States by signing the Louisiana Purchase, former French land which included the city of New Orleans, home to to the sugar-covered, deep-fried goodness that is the beignet! To keep a long story short, when French-Catholic colonists settled close to New Orleans, they brought with them the beignet, which was traditionally eaten before the fasting that occurs during Lent. Now, beignets, like those of Cafe du Monde, are synonymous with New Orleans, a former French city that became part of the U.S. thanks to Jefferson.

3. President Ulysses S. Grant: Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE)

Before being elected president, President Grant commanded the Union Army during the Civil War. He was so great at his job that in 1864, President Lincoln bestowed upon him the title of "lieutenant general," which at that time, had only been held by one other president: President Washington. Being a military man, President Grant would undoubtedly be very impressed with MREs, which originated from the c-rations and k-rations of World War II and were developed in 1980. They've since been the primary food ration for the United States Armed Forces.

4. President William Howard Taft: Everything But The Kitchen Sink Sundae

It's no doubt that President Taft was a big guy as rumor has it that he once got stuck in a bathtub! Though this isn't true, it is true that Taft had to have a special bathtub made for him because of his size, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Taft wanted to supersize his sundae, too.

5. President Abraham Lincoln: Broccolini 

Here are three things that make President Lincoln like broccolini: his height, his stovepipe hat, and his honesty. President Lincoln stood tall at 6'4" (possibly due to Marfan's syndrome), making him the tallest POTUS. Though broccolini is not nearly as tall, its stalk is very long compared to its fluffy tops. If you really have an imagination, you could almost say the their fluffy tops resemble Lincoln's famous stovepipe hat, which made him even taller! Finally, President Lincoln's nickname was "Honest Abe." You knew what you were getting with him, as you do with broccolini. It is a vegetable after all!

6. President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Chocolate

FDR was so well-liked by Americans that he was elected into office an unprecedented four times! This led to the ratification of the Twenty-Second Amendment in 1951, which limited all future presidents' elected terms to two. This makes sense, as having the ability to serve for as long as they wanted may have led to the end of American democracy. This is why FDR is chocolate; though I'm sure all of us would love to eat it everyday at every meal if we could, this wouldn't be the best idea since it lacks all of the nutrients we need to survive!

7. President John F. Kennedy: Oysters

Oysters, specifically Chesapeake Bay Oysters which hail from JFK's native New England, represent JFK the best! JFK was one of the youngest presidents to hold office, so compared to the "older and wiser" presidents before him, there may have been more skepticism about his ability to lead. However, he has been ranked by historians as one of the best U.S. presidents! This is similar to how as time goes by, you tend to appreciate oysters more.

8. President Barack Obama: Pumpkin Pie

President Obama used to make puns at the yearly Turkey Pardon that would make Malia and Sasha cringe. But, of course, they loved their dad anyways! The Obama daughters' relationship with their dad is much like pumpkin pie: a Thanksgiving classic that no one gets tired of. So, I guess you could say that President Obama is actually a pun-kin pie?

9. President Donald Trump: Sweet Potato French Fries

While these sweet potato fries may look tasty, they leave a lot to be desired when you are in the mood for the salty, crunchy, greasy goodness of a regular french fry. When you eat a sweet potato fry, you are thrown back by its sweetness, lack of grease, and mushy texture, leaving your fry craving not even close to being fulfilled. Thus, sweet potato fries not only match our current president’s complexion, but also resemble the feeling of disappointment many Americans are experiencing at the moment due to Trump’s actions during his presidency.

I hope these presidential pairings help you celebrate Presidents' Day without having to take a trip to JC Penney!