Summer is quickly approaching and there's nothing better than enjoying nature in all of its glory. You've probably stopped to smell the roses before, but have you ever sipped them? If you want to find out what roses taste like, Petal Sparkling Botanical has you covered. 

What Is Petal Sparkling Botanical?

Photo Courtesy of The Gauge Collective

Petal Sparkling Botanical was created with the goal of celebrating romantics, rebels and empowering women everywhere to make their dreams come true.

When it came down to making her dream a reality, founder Candice Crane said, "As a consumer, I saw rose water trending in the beauty industry, and I had a vision to create a hydrating, sparkling botanical beverage to give others the same experience my grandmother gave me. I sourced the most premium, organic roses to create Petal. Bringing the Petal brand to life allows me to share the powerful benefits of drinking rose water with the world. It’s time to stop and sip the roses." 

The brand makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of nature through a beverage. Each can is made with natural extracts, essences, organic sweetness and sparkles. They call their approach botanical alchemy. This intuitive process allows them to experience the powerful flavor of each ingredient and helps guide them on their journey of blending florals, fruits and herbs together to create the perfect beverage.

Celebrate National Red Rose Day With A 50% Discount

Photo Courtesy of The Gauge Collective

To celebrate National Red Rose Day on June 12, Petal Sparkling Botanical is offering a 50% discount on packs of a dozen cans of rose-infused Petal Original Rose, Mint Rose, Lychee Rose.*

However, the discount does NOT apply to the non-rose flavors which are Elderberry White Tea Flower, Lemongrass Dandelion with Strawberry, and Peach Marigold Basil.

If a 50% discount isn't enough, consider the potential health benefits of rose water. Rose water is believed to promote relaxation, stress-reduction and improve mood. 

The entire Petal line is certified organic, low-calorie (10-15 calories), low sugar (sweetened with organic agave), no caffeine and non-alcoholic. 

I tried the Original Rose flavor pictured above and it was a full sensory experience. From the fizz sound when opening the can to the rose smell and taste, this beverage is one sure way to promote mindfulness and relaxation. If you ever find yourself in a panic attack, drinking one of these will help to ground yourself as it helps the senses come alive. 

*The discount goes live on Amazon on June 12 and is available while supplies last for one day only. 

Where To Buy Petal Sparkling Botanical

Petal Sparkling Botanical is available for purchase on Amazon and at select major retailers nationwide including but not limited to Fairway, Gelsons, Berkeley Bowl and Jimbo's Naturally. To find out where to find the brand near you, check out their store locator.

Stay connected with Petal by following them on Instagram: @DrinkPetal.