Have you been experiencing Zoom fatigue over the past few months? I know I have. Not only is jumping from meeting to meeting exhausting, but it can hinder productivity. If you're looking for a new and healthy way to stay more focused while stuck at home, then Four Sigmatic has you covered with its new Focus Blend.

Four Sigmatic's Focus Blend

Photo courtesy of Four Sigmatic

To celebrate National Mushroom Day on October 15, Four Sigmatic has released its new productivity supplement – Focus Blend made with smart mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods.

The blend's eight smart ingredients include Lion's Mane and Rhodiola for productivity, Bacopa and Mucuna for creativity,

Cordyceps and B12 for energy, and Cacao and Blueberry for antioxidant properties. 

Looking to stay focused over the next few months? Four Sigmatic’s new blend is available online at FourSigmatic.com and U.S. retailers including select Whole Foods locations, Sprouts, Amazon, and Thrive Market, as well as other stores where natural products are available.