What can I say? Apparently I'm great at forecasting the hottest vegetables. When everyone was eating carrots and ranch, I was begging my mom for raw cauliflower instead. When avocados became the sh*t, all I could think about was mashed cauliflower dusted with shredded cheddar cheese. But now that everyone and their brother wants to get in on the cauliflower trend, I have to find a recipe (literally) to one-up all the mainstreamers.

Luckily, Delish has a plethora of scrumptious, spunky ways to prepare cauliflower. I picked my top three and decided to both prepare and review the recipes. Not only are these recipes easy to make, but they're healthy, too! Cauliflower has digestive benefits, is packed with vitamins, and has even been said to help fight cancer. So if you're finding yourself bored with the mainstream vegetables, check out the following unique spins on the traditional way to prepare cauliflower.

1. Cauliflower Mac n' Cheese

cheese, macaroni, pasta, sauce
Stephanie Zajac

This is by far the best mac n' cheese recipe I've ever made. The recipe calls for 2 cups of parmesan, 1 pound of mozzarella, and a Paula Dean amount of butter. For anyone who knows the first thing about mac n' cheese, it's a guaranteed excellent batch of mac. It gets better, though. After the mac n' cheese has been cooked and mixed with the cauliflower and the cheese mixture, it's topped with shredded mozzarella and a delicious bread crumb topping. The addition of parsley creates just the right kick of flavor. Whether you love cauliflower doesn't really matter. It's disguised well by the cheese and pasta, so your typical crowd of foodies would most likely be pleased with this meal.

macaroni, cheese, pasta, mashed potatoes
Stephanie Zajac

Would recommend to a mac n' cheese lover: 10/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower enthusiast: 10/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower hater: 7/10

2. Cauliflower Toast

avocado, egg, guacamole
Stephanie Zajac

I was hesitant to make a pan-seared piece of toast comprised of cauliflower, water, and flour, but I decided it would qualify as my wild card recipe. It certainly was a wild card—I still have mixed feelings about the dish. On one hand, it's healthy and makes for a filling breakfast or lunch. On the other hand, it lacks flavor other than a strong cauliflower taste, and it has a strange texture. The guacamole calls for lemon, which takes away a little bit of the cauliflower taste, but it's still very present. It's an acquired taste, but for all of you cauliflower-lovers, this is your dish. Cauliflower steals the spotlight in this one.

vegetable, herb
Stephanie Zajac

Would recommend to a toast lover: 5/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower lover: 10/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower hater: 1/10

3. Cauliflower Soup

cream, soup, dairy product, vegetable, milk, bread
Stephanie Zajac

Soups can be hit-or-miss for some, but this recipe will not disappoint. When I first read the recipe, I immediately thought about baked potato soup. Cauliflower has a similar texture, and in some ways, even a similar taste to potatoes. After trying it out, I found that I actually like cauliflower soup more than baked potato soup. The texture is much creamier, and the chives add a punch of flavor. The great thing about a soup like this is that it has just the right amount of neutral taste to balance out an overpowering meal. Who would've thought cauliflower would make for an excellent soup?

dairy product, flour, milk, egg, butter
Stephanie Zajac

Would recommend to a soup lover: 10/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower lover: 10/10

Would recommend to a cauliflower hater: 6/10

Thanks for bearing with me through the article dedicated to cauliflower. It's a rough life out there when you're like me, a former vegetarian of 8 years, and you still love vegetables more than life itself. It's in times like this when you need to express your love and your low-key brags for predicting the hottest vegetables before everyone else could (at age 10 might I add). All jokes aside, these recipes are worth a shot, especially if you're a fan of cauliflower. Even if it's not your favorite veggie, it's still worth trying out some of the fun ways to dress it up. (Or should I say soup it up?)