Wolfe Street Brewing is back and better than ever with their annual beer festival aptly named "Cask Me Outside Real Ale Festival" because they are ~trendy~ and with the times. This year, they'll be partnering with Back Bay Brewing to make the event even more awesome than before.

What's Cask Ale?

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Gillian Dukoff

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, you may be wondering, "Hey, wait a minute, what the heck is cask conditioned ale?" Well, unsuspecting reader on the Internet, cask ale or cask-conditioned beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that is conditioned and served from a cask without any additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure.

Tickets are only $25 which is a certified steal. Each ticket includes entry (duh), a special event tasting glass (I still have mine from last year, *sigh* memories), tasting of each and every cask (yeah, you read that right, you can try EVERY cask) and 2 beer tickets.

There's also a $5 general admission ticket that includes entry to the festival and 1 beer ticket. IMO, go for the $25 ticket. It's worth it.

The Beer

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Gillian Dukoff

At this year's festival, you can expect a whole lot of great things. First off, beer aficionados will be treated to a selection of more than 20 local regional and national breweries including Brothers Craft Brewing, Devils Backbone Brewing Company and Heavy Seas Beer. Only you can decide who has the best real ale in the Mid-Atlantic. 

The Munchies

If you're like me and get the drunchies upon the first sip of beer, don't fret. Wolfe Street is bringing in legendary food trucks Bittersweet Bakery, Grillizza and Conrad's Best just in case you get hungry.

The Music

Last but not least, what is a beer festival without a lil music? This year, lend your ear to the magic of Rebecca Wudarski, Reverend Bill Howard and the members of the Judy Chops and DJ Jamie Burr.

All in all, this is an event Harrisonburg residents are not going ot want to miss. Beer, munchies, and music. Literally what else could you possibly want?

Buy your tickets to the Real Ale Cask Festival here.