For Halloween, you'll probably have some treats to give out to trick-or-treaters near you, unless you're like me and don't have any. Also, you could be like me and be a last minute planner, so you don't have any treats to give out to said trick-or-treaters this year near you, and/or you just don't have any Halloween treats for yourself. Well... things just got a little bit better with Carvel x Freeform's limited edition 31 nights of Halloween treats. Don't believe me? See below... please. Besides, none of these Halloween treats are as scary as I am as a person, so you're going to be just fine when consuming them.

What do you need to know?

For the first time ever, Carvel Ice Cream and Freeform are teaming up to offer a limited edition “31 Nights of Halloween” Slime Shake to make your Halloween a little more treat and a little less trick. The “31 Nights of Halloween” Slime Shake is a cookies-and-cream-flavored shake made with Carvel’s signature vanilla soft serve ice cream blended with Oreo® cookies, Carvel’s edible slime and topped with whipped cream. This honestly has my name all over it, so please beware if I look a little scary while consuming it. Also available for Halloween treats from Carvel Ice Cream and Freeform this year happens to be $3 off any Halloween-themed cakes, including Carvel’s Pumpkin Cake, Nutty the Ghost, Spider Cake, and $2 off Lil’ Screamer Novelties. Sounds great, right? Thought so.

What else is there to know?

As stated by Nicolle DuBose, Senior Director of Marketing at Carvel Ice Cream, "‘31 Nights of Halloween’ is something fans across the country look forward to each October, and this year we’re excited to bring them their favorite movies with a side of sweet, festive treats; Our limited edition ‘Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween’ Slime Shake is a perfectly delicious spooky treat to sip while watching your favorite film, while our Halloween-themed cakes and novelty treats add the perfect touch to any watch party!” That is... if you haven't consumed the entire shake before the film even started; kinda like how you eat popcorn during the ads of a movie when at the movie theater and then wonder why you don't have anymore popcorn left. Same analogy, different items.

While none of these Halloween treats are necessarily meant to be handed out to trick-or-treaters near you, there's no one stopping you from heading on over to your local Carvel to have some or all of these Halloween treats for yourself... since you're an adult and can make your own smart choices; this just so happens to be one of them. Not to say that you should leave your apartment/dorm on Halloween, but if you are, be smart about it; head to Carvel and pregame with some treats cause if you're anything like me, you'll be at the club or at home on Halloween this year... typically consuming Halloween treats alone in a sad manner, or drinking my feelings out... gosh I hope my nutritionist won't kill me.