Did the pandemic cancel your summer plans? Well, if it did, you are not alone. I had a vacation planned to Disney World that was rescheduled and although it's not fun, that doesn't mean you can't bring the flavors of your favorite destination to you. Captain Morgan's is doing just that with their NEW sausage line. 

Captain Morgan's Caribbean-Inspired Rum Sausage Line

Photo courtesy of Trois Petits Cochons

Captain Morgan has partnered with 3 Little Pigs to create this new line of sausages. 3 Little Pigs has combined its classic technique and choice ingredients with the taste and flavor of Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum to create this Caribbean-inspired sausage line.

The sausages offer a vibrant Caribbean twist with a hint of the signature Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum flavor to liven up traditional grilled offerings.

The flavors offered include spicy Pork and Chicken Caribbean Jerk, made with the Captain’s blend of secret Caribbean-inspired spices, and a slightly sweet Citrus Mojo, made with a  Cuban-inspired blend of orange, lime and garlic flavors.

Where To Find The Captain Morgan Sausage Line

Photo courtesy of Trois Petits Cochons

This new line will first launch in chicken and pork links. Additional formats and flavors such as patties, precooked versions and snacks are set to launch in late 2020/early 2021. Find Captain Morgan's NEW sausage line available at grocers across North America.