There’s been a lot of talk this week about who President-elect Donald Trump will appoint to the White House. But the only one we really care about is who he’ll choose to be the next White House Chef.

Trump is notorious for being a fast food junkie — as we've seen from his tweets and the New York Times post on his diet. He particularly appreciates the consistency and basic level of hygiene of fast food (he's a germaphobe). He loves McDonald’s, supports taco bowls, and is known for having an affection toward overcooked steaks. On top of that, he refuses to consume tea, coffee, and alcohol. What a diet.

With his unhealthy eating habits in mind, the real question is: who will he appoint as the White House Executive Chef? A post published by The Washingtonian gave a speculative list of possible candidates for the job. So we broke it down for you.

David Burke

Burke is known for having a loud personality — just like Trump. He is head of Trump International Hotel BLT Prime, as well as restaurants all over the country. He’s a New Jersey native who was featured on season two of Iron Chef — barely losing to Chef Bobby Flay. He was also on Top Chef Masters Season 5. 

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Photo courtesy of WIkicomons

Vongerichten is a is a Michelin-starred chef who heads restaurants all over the world. Him and Trump go way back. He catered Donald and Melania’s wedding, and also has a restaurant in Trump Tower.

Joe Isidori

Isidori saw success at a young age. At age 25, he was Trump’s personal chef from 2003-2008 (I assumed that Ronald McDonald was his personal chef). Currently, he's the owner of Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in NYC. You’ve seen his extravagant milkshakes that are taking over the Internet. This could seriously be a win for Trump's 10-year-old son, Barron.

Cristeta Comerford

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Photo courtesy of Wikicomons

Comerford is the current White House Executive Chef who worked as an assistant chef during the Clinton administration, got promoted to Executive Chef during the Bush administration, and continued serving has head chef for the Obamas. She also plays a huge role in Michelle Obama's Let’s Move! Campaign, promoting healthy eating in children. Maybe she can inspire Trump to take his health and nutrition a little more seriously. Cut the Big Macs, take a carrot.

Other possible candidates might include, Colonel Sanders, the king from Burger King, or Wendy.