The 2016 presidential election has spurred Americans to actually explore the possibility of moving to Canada. Hours after Trump's victory, the Canadian immigration website crashed, and Americans searched the internet for Canadian jobs ten times the rate of previous nights. Before you make a big international move, you should be sure that the food will be good where you're going. As a Canadian-born citizen and resident of 8 years, I will gladly introduce you to 10 of my personal favorite Canadian foods. 

1. Poutine

Perhaps the most famous Canadian dish, Poutine is made of crispy fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. Different restaurants have various takes on this indulgent combo: some poutine toppings include bacon, rosemary mayo, and chicken parmesan. While you wait for your immigration application to go through, try making these poutine ramen fries at home. 

2. BeaverTails

Named after the national animal of Canada, a BeaverTail is fried dough that's hand-stretched into the shape of a beaver's tail. The pastry comes with toppings from chocolate hazelnut spread and Reese's pieces, to vanilla frosting and crushed Oreos. BeaverTails Pastry has 33 stores, 43 kiosks worldwide, and even served President Obama an "ObamaTail" during his first official trip to Canada. 

3. Butter Tarts

These fun-sized flaky tarts are filled with a gooey combination of sugar, butter, and nuts (or raisins). The butter tart is such a signature dessert that Canada has a Butter Tart Trail, where people can take a self-guided tour of 16 stops to taste butter tarts of all varieties. 

4. Tourtière

Pies aren't just for Americans! Tourtière is a French-Canadian meat pie made with pork, veal, or beef. Chefs each have their own spin on this classic Christmastime dish, but most Tourtières contain a savory meat filling, buttery pie crust, and vegetables like onions and potatoes. 

5. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are made up of three layers: a coconut and nut filled graham-cracker base, a vanilla custard mid-layer, and a milk chocolate topping. Chefs get creative with the custard section: some flavor varieties include peanut butter, maple mousse, or mint chocolate. This crunchy, fudge-like treat also has its own trail, where people can walk through the streets of Nanaimo to taste the best Nanaimo bars in Canada. 

6. Canadian Salmon

I attribute my affinity for salmon to my Canadian roots. Salmon is such an essential part of Canadian culture that some native groups have adopted the fish as their official clan crest. Many totem poles in Canada are even inscribed with images of salmon. One of the most heart-healthy proteins, salmon is a great source of selenium, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Begin your salmon journey with the easiest baked salmon recipe ever

7. Smarties

These Smarties are different from the chalky, fruity, hard candies that Americans are used to. Canadian Smarties are candy-coated chocolates, and American Smarties are called "Rockets" in Canada. Unlike Smarties' American counterparts (psst, M&M'S), they're made with 100% sustainable cocoa

8. Montreal Bagels

Montreal has long been known for their bagels, which are handmade with honey-infused water, and baked in wood-fire ovens. They're not considered Montreal bagels if they're not handmade! They're different from New York bagels in many ways: Montreal bagels are sweeter, smaller, and denser. 

9. Maple Syrup

Considering that the maple leaf is on the Canadian flag, maple syrup is a significant part of Canadian culture. Canada produces 71% of the world's maple syrup, an all-natural sweetener that has 63 different antioxidants. The syrup features a unique maple flavor that works well in at least 19 different foods

10. Tim Hortons

In Canada, Starbucks doesn't stand a chance against Tim Hortons. In fact, 15 % of Canadians visit their local Timmies everyday, and 8 out of every 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are from Tim Hortons. All Canadians know the Tim Hortons lingo: a "double double" contains double cream and double sugar! Aside from the coffee, Tim Hortons is also known for their Timbits: apple fritter, honey dip and chocolate glazed doughnut holes.

Beyond our new president elect, you now have 10 more reasons to move up north. Whether you're looking for an M&M'S alternative or a way to up your cheese fries game, Canada has a place for you.