Bulk Barn's buckets have recently become filled with a variety of new pulse-based pasta in all shapes and colours. According to Pulse Canada, pulses are a part of the legume family, and the most common types are beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

They are nutrient dense, sustainable, and delicious. Bulk Barn's delivery of a variety of pulse-based pastas opens the door to a more nutrient-dense option for the gluten-sensitive and carb-lovers alike.

Below, you will find a list of protein-rich pulse-based pastas. As a quick reference, one 100-gram serving of white flour pasta has 12 grams of protein.

Chickpea Rotini

14 grams of protein

This powerhouse noodle is known for having the best texture of non-wheat pastas. With loads of protein and fibre, this complex carbohydrate can help control your blood sugar and curb hunger longer.

Instagram-famous Registered Dietitian/Certified Personal Trainer Rachael Devaux highly recommends chickpea pasta and uses it in her tasty veggie and chicken sausage pasta.

Green Lentil & Kale Penne

16 grams of protein

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Lentils are among the most common pulses and are used in numerous vegan/vegetarian recipes as a substitute for ground beef. The kale in this pasta adds a number of key vitamins and minerals, including vitamins K, A, C and calcium. 

Lentils are also one of the most sustainable foods — emitting only 0.9 of CO2e (Greenhouse Gas) per 1 kg of lentils consumed. This amounts to 2900% less green house gas than beef, according to The Global Pulse Confederation.

Pea Penne

24 grams of protein

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This pasta is a simple yet high-protein option for people with celiac disease and for those who want gains without giving up mac and cheese. The only ingredient in this pasta is non-GMO organic yellow peas, meaning 1 serving will meet 20% of your daily fibre needs and 60% of your daily iron needs.

It is recommended to cook these guys in a sauce or broth instead of boiling water in order to maintain maximum flavour. Try them with this zucchini cream sauce for a gluten-free and vegan comfort food feast.

Red Lentil Penne

25 g of protein

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Coming in second place in the protein race is red lentil penne pasta. Similar in colour to traditional sun-dried tomato pasta, it is recommended to rinse these noodles after cooking them and treat them like beans.

High in iron, calcium, and zinc, this pulse-based pasta also has zero saturated and trans fats. It adds a certain flavour to Half Baked Harvest's caramelized balsamic goat cheese pasta that wheat noodles just can't offer.

Black Bean Rotini

26 grams of protein

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Not only does the dark black colour of black bean rotini add a certain aesthetic, but it also boasts a whopping 26 grams of protein per 100 gram serving — more protein than 100 grams of Atlantic salmon.

Since it's a bit softer in texture than regular noodles, I would suggest getting just 1 serving and testing a small portion before you go all in. If you're not afraid to try new textures, Bulk Barn's black bean rotini is the way to go for a pulse-based and protein-packed pasta.

Next time you're filling your jars at Bulk Barn with candy and fresh peanut butter, wander down the pasta aisle to check out the pulse-based goodness in some of your favourite pasta shapes.