Drinking water is an easy way to stay healthy and hydrated, but for some of us that can be difficult. It's not that water doesn't taste good, but it normally doesn't have any flavor or kick to it. However, that is no longer the case with bubly bounce.  

What Is Bubly Bounce?

Image courtesy of Bubly

We've all heard of bubly's sparkling water before, but now the brand has expanded its portfolio with caffeinated beverages. bubly bounce has the same great taste and flavor, but now with a little added caffeine.

Made with 35mg of caffeine, bubly bounce now gives water that extra flare that we could all use in the morning or for a midday pick me up!

bubly bounce is available in five refreshing fruity flavors: mango passion fruit, triple berry, blood orange grapefruit, citrus cherry and blueberry pomegranate.

The brand's new caffeinated beverage can be purchased on Amazon at major retailers nationwide in 12oz. cans with 35 mg of caffeine or 16oz. can with 47 mg of caffeine.