As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and someone who loves with drag queens, I knew I had to spread the news about Bubly's #DragForAllFlavors campaign. 

Bubly's #DragForAllFlavors Campaign


Unfortunately, for many members of the LGBTQ+ community the holidays are an isolating time. However, Bubly is here to help let everyone know that they are not alone and they are doing their part to show that. 

Bubly has partnered with SAGE, the national advocacy organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ elders, this holiday season to celebrate togetherness. 

Togetherness doesn't just mean your biological family, but it can be your chosen family too. Find those who accept and embrace who you are and spend your time with them. 

As part of the campaign, there will be exclusive holiday content featuring two local SAGE LGBTQ+ seniors alongside 11 drag performers where they create their own larger-than-life take on the traditional holiday advent calendar and a new holiday music video set to an exclusive track from Nikki Era and Mikey Pop.

The drag queens featured in the campaign are: 

Zarria Powell (@zarria_thediva)

Maxxx Pleasure (@mr.pleasure)

Tina Burner (@thetinaburner)

Merrie Cherry (@merrie_cherry)

Rosé (@omgheyrose)

Shequida Hall (@shequidahall)

Dr. Wang Newton (@drwangnewton)

Jada Valenciaga (@jadavalenciaga)

Egypt (@therealegypt)

Chiquitettas (@chiquitettas)

Lagoona Bloo (@lagoonabloonyc)

To keep the campaign going, bubly will be sending product to SAGE centers and will be making $25,000 donation to support the organization’s ongoing programming dedicated to providing resources for LGBTQ+ elders navigating this year’s holiday season.