Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank and thought, "Wow, I wish I thought of that first." Well, ladies and gentlemen prepare yourself for the brunch version of Shark Tank. Here are five brunch trends you wish you thought of first. 

1. Avocado Toast

It's our favorite thing to complain about, "$2 extra for Avocado?" Yet, someone was genius enough to take bread, a standard pantry staple and smash some avocado on top to serve at restaurants for upwards of $12. Once this simple delicious creation became "trendy" restaurants and cafes got creative by adding toppings like tomatoes, eggs, and chili flakes. 

2. Bottomless Mimosas

Why have one flute when you can have a whole bottle, the genius who invented bottomless mimosas thought. Thus, bottomless brunch was born. Alcohol at breakfast is no new trend, and typically brunchers use it to "cure" last night's hangover. By pricing the mimosas accordingly and giving patrons only a couple hours to finish the drinks, restaurants are able to make a buck and still control the brunch mayhem. 

3. Bresserts

It's the toughest decision you'll ever make at Brunch...sweet or savory? At brunch joints like Crushed in San Diego, Bresserts (breakfast/dessert hybrids) have their own section on the menu. Cinnamon roll pancakes (shown above), s'mores french toast and donut pancakes are some of the current "Bresserts" you can find on trendy restaurant menus. 

Final Score: Sweet-1  Savory-0

4. Eggs on Everything

It's the age-old question: What came first the chicken or the egg? While this answer may still be unknown, I do know one thing for certain: Everything tastes better with an egg on top. Today, cafes and brunch spots add eggs to everything from pizzas and burgers to salads and sandwiches. Feast your eyes on the #eggporn.

5. Healthy Options

Today's menus are not like what grandma used to make. Paleo this, vegan that, healthy is definitely trending. Restaurants are taking note and adding lighter and cleaner items to their menus. From quinoa power bowls to egg white omelets, it's not impossible to find better options at restaurants. Green is the new black. 

Now go on, find more sweet, savory or boozy brunch trends and share your discoveries with me along the way by tagging @mindovermolly!