It's 9 am after a wild Saturday night. Nothing's in the fridge and everyone in the house is starving. What do you do? Well don't panic, because the world is your oyster. I gathered together the best brunch spots in Lubbock. 


Stella's is my personal favorite restaurants in Lubbock. It's Sunday brunch menu is pure gold. From waffles with peaches and cappuccino cream, to fried pork chop with fried egg, I'm more than certain that you'll find something to satisfy your brunch cravings. Can you resist Stella's food after watching this Insta video? Probably not. 

The West Table

Cameron and Rachel West have more than 20 years of restaurant experience—they know brunch. They practically invented brunch in West Texas Lubbock. Their ever-changing brunch menu is available from 11 am-2 pm on Sunday's, and best part is that it's a buffet. For $25, you can have all the comfort brunch food (plus mimosas, if you're 21+) that your heart desires at The West Table

Las Brisas Steakhouse

If you're looking for an #instaworthy outdoor view for your post-brunch group photo and a place that will certainly keep everyone on (Tex-Mex) cloud nine, Las Brisas is the place for you. I recommend the strawberry spinach salad or the fruit plate with mascarpone dip. Nom. 

Pecan Grill

Located conveniently 0.8 miles away from Texas Tech University, Pecan Grill is well-known for a luxury dining experience at The Overton Hotel. With the seemingly never-ending options that this restaurant has to offer, paired with the lavish ambience, you'll feel like a Lubbock socialite as soon as you step inside. 

Rain Uptown 

Whether you're up or down, you'll be happily savoring your meal at Rain Uptown. You can find this sweet Italian-influenced restaurant on 98th Street. You're welcome. 

The Funky Door

I will give so much praise to a restaurant that creates a satisfying eggs Benedict plate. The Funky Door has two variations of this classic meal—salmon and stuffed avocado. Along with more American cuisine and contemporary flair, The Funky Door's Sunday Brunch menu will make you become a regular customer..

Now that's one less thing to worry about when waking up on a Sunday morning. Eat up and enjoy brunch o'clock in Lubbock. Follow us on Instagram @spoon_ttu and Facebook @SpoonTTU!