Chuck E. Cheese — while they're a complete blast from the past, they're trying to save us during this never-ending thing that we call quarantine. I've personally stopped keeping track of how long this quarantine has lasted, since it all kind of started while I was in the psych hospital, but to me, it feels as if we've been in quarantine forever. Things don't have to be boring and with the help of Chuck E. Cheese, you can now recreate the fun at home. Here's what I mean.

What to do?

Photo Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

What you should be doing is going to get some pizza from your local pizza joint while building your own Chuck E. Cheese at home. Not like you were able to try their Cheetos pizza, but it was in fact a thing. Of course, you're going to need to get creative in order to bring this to life, but what else are you doing, really, besides watching Netflix and having it ask you if you're still there? Thought so.

To avoid plagiarizing, here's what you need to do in order to recreate Chuck E. Cheese at home for yourself: 

Photo Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

While I hope that you enjoy your DIY Chuck E. Cheese, once again, don't forget the pizza. The pizza will make or break the overall experience, and you need to eat. Think of it as treating yourself for doing something asides from watching Netflix. I promise, I'm proud of you.