Chuck E. Cheese definitely brings back some quality memories of elementary school birthday parties, massive stuffed animals, and pizza parties galore. Since you probably haven't been since before Bieber and Selena first started dating (btw, they cannot get back together), they're regaining all of our attention with some brand new Cheetos Pizza

Here's everything you need to know about the bizarre new offering of Cheetos Pizza from Chuck E. Cheese. 

The Cheesy Deets

Photo courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese.

The Cheetos Pizza has more cheese than you could ever imagine. You start with a layer of cheese sauce and elbow macaroni (so basically a straight layer of mac and cheese), top that with some melted Colby and Mozzarella cheese, and then you add crunchy Cheetos for a lil pizzazz. But, like, why? 

Chuck E. Cheese's senior director of culinary innovation, Gregory Casale, said in a press release that the Cheetos Pizza "is sure to be a family favorite," but I'm not totally convinced. This sounds like a straight up mess, and I'm expecting to be covered in Cheetos dust and cheese sauce if I even try to eat this. And just imagine what a toddler would look like after having a slice...

If You're Brave Enough to Try It

I know that some of you are going to want to try this, and I low-key want to order it just for the Insta, too. It definitely sounds more appetizing than Chuck E. Cheese's last limited edition slice: the Candy Corn Ombre Pizza.

The Cheetos Pizza came out on Nov. 1, and it's available while supplies last, so head in soon to get your hands on it (and covered in Cheetos dust).

Tbh, I'm a little disappointed in Chuck E. Cheese for taking this pizza thing to such extremes; I was a huge fan of their OG pies, and I don't think that the Cheetos Pizza would bring the same nostalgic vibes to my third grade birthday party.