The high-protein low-calorie ice cream section keeps expanding. First there was Halo Top (who also introduced vegan versions last week), then a few other brands like Arctic Zero and Wink, and now, in the words of DJ Khaled, "another one." This summer, Breyers jumped in the game with Breyers Delight, their version of a lower calorie, higher protein frozen dessert. 

Breyer's Delight is made from skim milk, soluble corn fiber, erythritol (a sugar alcohol that adds sweetness without calories), cream, and less than 2% of sugar, amongst thickeners, natural flavors, stevia and a preservative. 

As a comparison, Breyer's Original Vanilla Ice Cream contains only five ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, vegetable gum, and natural flavor. But of course, it doesn't boast the low-cal label.

Breyers website currently lists four flavors: Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chip. However, trusted Instagram account @junkbanter recently posted about finding a Vanilla Cupcake flavor at Target. 

The product line expansion may be an attempt to keep up with Halo Top, which currently offers 25 varieties on their website.

Breyers Delights contain 260-330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint, which is strikingly similar to Halo Top's nutrition stats

The Vanilla Bean is lowest in calories, with 260 in the entire pint.

Breyers Delights is available at Target, Stop & Shop, and other major grocery distributors nationwide for around $4.99 per pint. So if Halo Top just isn't your thing, maybe give Breyers Delights a try! That new Vanilla Cupcake sounds delicious.