As an avid breakfast enthusiast, finding the perfect spot to grab a bite in the morning came easy for me at the University of Calgary. The university is notorious for having three Tim Hortons in a row, but little did you know there’s more to campus breakfasts than what meets the eye. Whether you feel like grabbing something quick before class, or treating yourself to something delicious, this list has something for you. Here are my top picks for breakfast at the University of Calgary.

Fuel for Gold

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Rupali Yeast

Using locally sourced ingredients, Fuel for Gold provides students with healthy and organic menu options. Created by dieticians and professional chefs, all food proceeds go to Canada’s athletes at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary. Its breakfast menu consists of oatmeal with fruits, baked goods, healthy waffles and my personal favourite—eggs breakfast. This dish comes with two eggs any style, turkey bacon and the yummiest potatoes. They are also the only spot on campus that serves Phil & Sebastian Coffee. 


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Rupali Yeast

As we all know, Starbucks offers a wide array of pastries alongside their extensive drink menu. However, they have an assortment of breakfast sandwiches that can appeal to anyone’s appetite. From a delectable spicy chorizo, Monterey jack and egg to a healthier turkey bacon and egg whites, these sandwiches are the perfect start to any day. Starbucks also has oatmeal, yogurt parfaits and bagels available with butter or cream cheese. You’re likely already there getting your favourite customized drink so you might as well pick up your breakfast as well. 


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Rupali Yeast

Another Canadian delicacy is A&W, and if you didn’t already know, this budget friendly fast food joint has a lengthy breakfast menu. From pancakes to breakfast sandwiches to full plates of breakfast foods – if you are in need of a hearty breakfast this is the place to go. The All-Canadian Breakfast comes with two eggs any-style, two pieces of toast, bacon, sausage and a crispy hash brown. Or if you’re more of an eat while you walk to class type of student then you can grab a breakfast wrap or sandwich to go. My personal favourite is the toast. I know it sounds silly, but its super fluffy and the restaurant has every type of jam and jelly you could imagine. It's perfect with a freshly squeezed orange juice. 

The Coffee Company

Rupali Yeast

This spot has a wide arrange of caffeinated drinks that will fit everyone’s budget. If you're missing your mom's baking this is the place to go. Its baked goods taste like homemade treats, especially their banana bread and muffins. It also has a selection of bagels with different toppings to choose from. My favourite dish is the strawberry waffles with whipped cream. It’s the perfect pick-me-up if you’re having a bad morning or if you just want to treat yourself. 

Q Centre

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Rupali Yeast

The Q Centre is located at the end of Mac Hall across from the Taco Taquiera. It’s the Student Union’s safe space for the LGBTQ community, however; it’s open to everyone and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8:30-9:45 AM it offers free breakfast! The free bites includes toast, fruit, yogurt, and juice boxes. It’s perfect for the on-the-go students trying to save a buck. It's also a great way to meet people and become a part of an amazing community.