First... What is Cauliflower Oatmeal?

You have likely seen cauliflower making its way across food trends, but have you ever considered this trendy food to oatmeal? University of Michigan seniors Taylor and Jacqueline are the founders of the company Brassi [bra-see].  Brassi has recently launched their new cauliflower oatmeal called “cauli-oats” (available for pre-order on their website), which, in simple terms, is a new and improved oatmeal, made with cauliflower. Similar in texture and consistency to oatmeal, this product combines all the joys of creamy oats with the nutritional components of cauliflower, making a delicious and nutritious meal. Brassi's “cauli-oats” are made from wholesome ingredients, packed with (hidden) veggies, protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and fiber.

Caroline Corbett

Tell Me More About Brassi...

Brassi's products are incredibly delicious, healthy, and quick to make, and they are quite easy and affordable to purchase. These shelf-stable oats come in a 6-serving bag and are currently offered in two flavors: Apple & Spice and Cacao & Coconut, however the company is hoping to expand their current product line in the future. Any bag of cauliflower oatmeal includes the following ingredients: Rolled Oats, Cauliflower, Himalayan Pink Salt, Flaxseeds, Coconut Sugar, and Rice Protein, as well as other wholesome ingredients that vary depending on the flavor. Packed with nutrients, these cauli-oats taste just as good as they are healthy. 

Brassi is also convenient and easy to make, making them perfect for a busy morning. Wondering how to make the cauli-oats? Just add water! If you want to add a little extra flavor to your oats, you can also add nut milk or other toppings of your preference. Brassi is a very versatile product, as you can microwave the oats, heat them on the stove, or even make overnight cauli-oats.

Caroline Corbett

However, oatmeal is not the only way to enjoy Brassi. For those who might not enjoy oatmeal, other ways to use the product include making pancakes and waffles, or adding the mix to smoothies for a post-workout treat. There are so many ways to enjoy these cauliflower oats; no matter how they are cooked, they will surely satisfy your appetite and your body.

In addition to the product being versatile, the founders of Brassi pride themselves on their ability to provide a product that is nutritious, environment-friendly, and delicious. As co-founder Jacqueline says, “We want to make food that tastes as good as it makes you feel... we want both in the same package.” Brassi also ensures that their ingredients are ethically and locally sourced because sustainability is a vital part of Brassi’s mission statement.

Caroline Corbett

Who is Brassi?

Finally, Brassi takes pride in being a women-owned business with two incredibly hard-working founders. They approached their business creation with a passion for oatmeal that was nutritious and delicious, and when they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they made it themselves. As a full-time student, when asked if she feels it is hard to simultaneously run a new business, Taylor replied “Yes, but it is very enjoyable work.” Clearly, these two women are passionate about their products and their values, as well as delicious and healthy food. Although Brassi is a very new company, they hope to expand their product line even further with new flavor combinations and products in the future. In fact, they are even considering looking into savory oatmeal options, another trend that has surfaced the world of foodies!

If you want to find out more about Brassi's cauliflower oatmeal, visit their website for more information, where you'll definitely be tempted to purchase some cauli-oats. For all the latest updates on Brassi, be sure to check them out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (@eatbrassi).