Everyone left and right is announcing what their new year's resolutions are and, while I'm not a huge supporter of the concept, I do think the beginning of the year is a great time to motivate yourself to make some subtle lifestyle changes. One change I'm attempting to make is to eat more plant-based foods.

In many cases, eating more plant-based foods is healthier for both you and the environment, so it's a win-win situation.

One benefit of veganism becoming more and more mainstream is that there are so many brands coming out with plant-based options that aren't super expensive and taste just as good as their animal-product counterparts.

Here are some of my favorite plant-based products that are easy swaps to get you started off on the right foot in 2020.


Banza chickpea pasta has always been a great option to help plant-based eaters sneak in extra protein and fiber while eating everyone's favorite carb: pasta. Now they also offer plant-based mac and cheese, which is great news for vegans and lactose intolerants everywhere.


Overnight oats have been on everyone's radar for a long time as a simple, quick breakfast. I've always loved them but a bit hard to eat on the go because of the need for a spoon. Enter CORE bar. These are plant-based overnight oats bars that also are organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. As an added bonus, every bar has probiotics. 


Suja has been my go-to for months now for everything from immunity shots when I feel a cold coming on, to juice when I'm feeling nostalgic, to kombucha when I'm attempting to rescue my gut biome after a few days of questionable eating. I find their products to be delicious and refreshing and they won't break the bank like many similar brands.

Pop & Bottle

Be on the lookout on Amazon in February for your newest coffee obsession. Everyone's favorite plant-based latte company, Pop & Bottle, is releasing a line of canned oat milk lattes with functional benefits. These drinks are delicious on the go, provide benefits like antioxidants to support immunity and vitality, collagen for skin, and adaptogens for stress relief. 

Ark Foods

If one type of vegan mac and cheese isn't enough, you can try putting a spin on the classes. Ark Foods makes deliciously plant-based cauliflower mac and cheese in two flavors: classic cheddar and jalapeño cheddar. Once you're hooked on their mac and cheese, try their veggie spaghetti and veggie pesto for indulgent and healthy versions of your childhood favorites.

Van Leeuwen

I couldn't leave you without a truly indulgent dessert company to carry with you into your plant-based new year, could I? Van Leeuwen is known for their expertise in the ice cream industry and that means the same attention is paid to creating their vegan flavors as is their regular ice cream products. Though the science of ice cream, they have created coconut-based vegan ice creams that, in my opinion, taste even better than the original.

#SpoonTip: Order the vegan cookies and cream caramel swirl pictured above in one of their scoop shops, online, or pick it up in a grocery store near you.

Now that you see a year of plant-based eating doesn't have to mean a year of abandoning your favorites, I hope that you consider adding a few plant-based products and meals to your repertoire. And it certainly doesn't need to be all-or-nothing.

There's no shame in participating in meatless mondays only. There's no shame in simply swapping your usual kraft mac and cheese for Banza mac and cheese. As hard as it is to believe, every little bit counts. By simply reading this article, you're doing your part to educate yourself in how easy it is to just be a little more plant-based than last year.