Welcome to the Simmons College chapter of Spoon University! We are an online food fun focused publication that produces student made content for campus and national viewing. This is an opportunity to be a part of something brand new on campus, and we are excited to build a strong team of contributor Spoon at Simmons will be a place where you can meet fellow food lovers, fellow food makers, and people who just want to eat. By joining Spoon at Simmons you will get to:

- publish original articles (while avoiding studying for your chem final)

-learn to create engaging images (while not writing that English paper)

-direct food videos that everyone will want to watch (while ignoring that mandatory art class #thanksPLAN)

If you need more reasons than that, don't worry, we made a list.

1. We will make food.

pasta, macaroni, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

Everyone knows the struggle of having pasta at Bartol for the third night in a row. Dining food can get repetitive and bland. We will cover all of our favorite secrets to hacking Simmons College dining — like how to make a chicken parm sandwich any night at Bartol, and all our favorite dorm room recipes — starting with our fridge, pantry, and equipment essentials so you can always create something delicious when for when you are so not feeling Bartol.

2. We will eat food.

Jackie O'Brien

Tasty Burger, Neighborhoods, El Pelon, Hidyan's, Pavement, SweetGreen, Chloe's, Blackbird, Sweet Cheeks, Wahlburgers.

Those are just the first of the dozens of eateries within the Fenway neighborhood, all less than 10 minute walks from Simmons College. We want to serve as a resource where we can tell you that yes, the best frozen yogurt is at the pizza slash Mediterranean place and are all too happy to break down the merits of the competing burger places in the area (Tasty Burger, Wahlburger, Boston Burger Co showdown coming soon). This does mean that someone has to eat all this food and write about it, take pictures of it, and maybe record someone attempting to gracefully eat it. That someone could be you.

3. We will celebrate food. 

candy, sweet
Julia Murphy

Many people have complicated or broken relationships with food and we are a publication that seeks to respect that. Because of this, we will refrain from covering flash diets or fad fitness news. Instead, we seek to achieve true wellness and not enforce negative stereotypes that there is one size of wellness. Simmons College Spoon aims to celebrate body and food relationship positivity, and we hope to carve out space in this chapter to have some #realtalk about our relationships with food. 

You on board? Good. Bookmark this page, follow along, and applications for membership will be open in the Fall. Have suggestions or things you want us to cover? Shoot us a message. We will see you soon, hopefully over a plate of fries.