What's better than a bunch of college kids, alumni, and fans all rooting for the same team and having a good time? Along with the fall season comes football games, tailgating, and other festivities, and there's truly nothing like a college game day, especially at Boston College. I thought I'd showcase some tailgating and general game day experiences through my all time favorite tv show, Friends.

When you wake up and realize its GAME DAY

Nothing better than that feeling waking up on game day....almost as good as Christmas morning!

That one friend who wants to start drinking at 8am

We all have that one friend who is always ready to rally...and who makes everyone else rally too.

When you realize you have nothing to wear and have to raid your friends closets for the perfect game day look

Anna Keefe

Please tell me I'm not the only one trying to follow a DIY shirt cutting YouTube tutorial minutes before the tailgate. Gotta have those cute game day looks!!

Dragging your table from the dorms to the tailgating spot

That moment when you realize that the table doesn't fit in the elevator so you and your friend have to wedge it around the corners in the staircase.

Raiding all the tailgates for the best food and drinks

I'm not about to turn down random drunk moms when they offer me gourmet mini sandwiches or their famous homemade cookies....

When you and your friends are finally old enough to enter into the Mods

^^^ Actual footage of those 21+ Juniors when they can enter into the Promised Land (aka the Mods).

When you go to the bathroom and your team scores

You had to score a touchdown during the five minutes I was in the bathroom??!!! Come on!!!

When you're the only one sitting in the bleachers because you're tired of standing

I might as well be sitting. Its not like I was paying attention to the game anyways....

When Mr. Brightside comes on 

Nothing gets BC kids more excited than belting all the words of Mr. Brightside.

When your friends want to stay for the entire game

Catch me never staying for an entire game. I'm lucky if I make it until half time...

You and your roommate settling in for that post game nap

Quite possibly the best sleep ever.

And always remember, the post game hydration is key. Here's to tailgating szn.