Coffee is an essential part of the New York experience. And while there may be a Starbucks on every corner in this city, we don't have to settle for that. Luckily, high quality, bougie coffee shops have been sprouting up around NYC for as long as New Yorkers have been hailing cabs and hitting up Joe's Pizza at 2 A.M. Bodega coffee, though, gives these bougie coffee shops a run for their money. Last month, I graced you with the bacon, egg, and cheese version of bodega or bougie and here I am once again, but this time it's all about coffee. Let the taste test commence. 

Breaking Down The Taste Test

I had my friend (yes, the same one) go to a local bodega in the West Village (hi Strawberry Deli!) and get me a small regular coffee with cream and sugar. They also went to Blue Bottle in the Village to pick up the same order — the "house blend" with cream and sugar. The coffees were poured into mugs before being presented to me, so no logos were involved and I had no idea which coffee was which. 

Coffee #1:

The sweetness of this coffee hit me right off the bat. Too. Much. Sugar. But after the next few sips, I settled into what I had at this point accepted to be an overly sweet cup of coffee and began to enjoy it. It was really comforting and had the perfect ratio of milk and cream. I sat there really trying to figure out if this was from the bodega or Blue Bottle, but honestly, I could not tell if this was a high or low price cup of coffee. Maybe it's because it was the first one I tried, or maybe it's just because I'm not a fucking coffee connoisseur.

Coffee #2:

The richness of this coffee was the best part, it had nuttier notes to it. I get it now, there is something to be said about coffee that is robust in its flavor — a coffee that stands out. It was a little too strong for my liking, but hey, we all need that extra pick-me-up. #Brewtiful. 

The Verdict: 

All in all, I'll say that the difference is not as stark as one may believe. Coffee #1 turned out to be from the bodega and #2 from Blue Bottle. I would be totally content drinking that sweet, creamy bodega coffee every day if I had to. My wallet would thank me, although I may get diabetes from all that sugar, sugar. So I'm giving it to the bodega this time, although don't count Blue Bottle out: they make a killer cup of Joe. I just don't think the difference between the two is worth paying double the price. Granted, that's coming from a college student who takes her coffee with cream and sugar like a total wuss. Thanks a latte for listening to my candor. Okay, I'm done. 

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