New York is home to the best food and drink trends, making it one of the best places for foodies to live in or visit. First there was the cronut, then there was milkshakes from Black Tap, then there was the cookie dough shop, and now, Black Tap has their own version of frosé. Needless to say, we're all freaking out over it. 

Basically, frosé is short for frozen rosé. Rosé, on the other hand, is a form of wine that "is made by taking grapes right after they're done ripping and then squishing them together until they've turned into wine. Unlike red and white wine, the skin on the grapes that are utilized to make rosé stay on the grapes during the entire rosé making process."

What makes Black Tap's frosé so special?  

One of the few things that makes Black Tap's frosé so special is that they've teamed up with White Girl Rosé for this drink. White Girl Rosé, is part of White Girl Wine, and is the big sister to canned rosé, known as Babe. 

All of the frosés that Black Tap will end up making will have a rim that's covered in nerds, which happened to be a very important staple from our childhood. The rim will also be covered in frosting. The actual drink will be fairy dusted with even more candy ranging from Swedish fish to sour patches, according to this article

Finally, the last thing that makes this frosé from Black Tap so special is that it's only available from July 24th to July 30th. Although this frosé is limited edition and Black Tap's regular milkshakes are still a thing, I recommend going to get your frosé from Black Tap right this second while you can before it falls off of the planet forever.