We all have our cravings, but when do our cravings reach the point of no return? From bizarre habits to legitimate health concerns, these people reveal the unimaginable yearnings that lurk behind the kitchen door. To respect the private strangeness of the interviewees, their names have been changed so that their hidden habits remain incognito.

1. Ray Romano AKA The Cheese Monster

Photo by Emma Randall

“I love cheese.  I have a real soft spot for the famed grated cheese that many a pasta eater puts on their pasta. Not the generic boxed parmesan. but none other than the Pecorino Romano, which is a sharper, harder version of its parmesan cousin.  I put it on vegetables, meat, crackers, and bread, you name it, but I mainly eat it by itself. My personal culinary bliss is dumping grated romano in a bowl and pouring Filippo Berio olive oil in it. My friends knew my addiction so well that for one of my 21st birthday gifts, they chose to substitute the oft-gifted bottled vodkas for none other than a few blocks of cheese.”

2. Getting Jiffy Wif It

Photo by Izzi Clark

“I love peanut butter on everything.  I’ll put it on it on a burger.”

3. Insistent Isabella

Photo by Megan Tang

“I was that kid at birthday parties who insisted on getting separate plates for my cake and ice cream. Like they cannot touch. It disturbs me.”

4. Savage Samantha

Photo by Kristine Mahan

“I’m allergic to apples but have at least one a day.”

5. Get Off My Case Breh

Photo courtesy of glutenfreeislife.wordpress.com

“I eat 3+ chocolate casings of the Skinny Cow ice cream bars as a pregame to the real dessert. I just pick off all the casings by hand and throw the ice cream away.”

6. Aunt Jemima’s Arch Nemesis

Photo courtesy of beingsuzyhomemaker.blogspot.com

“I put ketchup on pancakes.”

7. Mrs. Potato Head

Photo courtesy of Pete Miller’s

“When I eat steak I absolutely must also order mashed potatoes and I have to fully spread the mashed potatoes on each steak bite with a knife. Otherwise, it’s just all wrong.”

8. Hope it Gives me Hell(mann’s)

Photo by Nicole Feretich

“I just really, really, really like mayonnaise. I know mayo isn’t weird but if you were in my head knowing how much I like mayo you would think it’s weird. I like it so much that I can tell if it’s not Hellmann’s mayo and if it is lite or real mayo. I actually once wrote a song about mayo while making a sandwich. It was written to the tune of Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye” but was “Time to say Mayo”.  An alternative version was to the song “Who Knows Where the Road Goes” but it was “Who Knows Where the Mayo Goes.”  Not surprisingly, sandwiches are my favorite food because no one can see how much mayo you have applied to your food.  In an interesting turn of events, my sister loves to eat a packet of frozen chicken nuggets with an entire jar of chipotle mayo.”

9. Near East or Get Lost

Photo by Megan Prendergast

“I exclusively eat dinner foods for breakfast. I particularly like a specific brand of parmesan couscous. Whenever I am home, my mom will make me a pot of couscous. I will have the entire portion in one sitting for breakfast and will top it with Caesar dressing.”

10. I’m Not Crusty like Other Girls, Baby

Photo by Eva Reynolds

“When I look that the hard, sour, and some might even go as far as to say evil crust of a loaf of bread, my skin crawls at its mere proximity to the perfect interior. I have left thousands of crusts to the trash. Call me a crust discriminator, but when it comes to bread, the center is all I will eat.”

11. Edward Scissorhands

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

“I have to mix my food for 20 minutes before eating. I have to have all perfect bites. Ice cream, salads, stir fry, honestly anything that comes in a bowl. I may just have severe OCD.”

12. Whip it Queen

Photo by Kristine Mahan

“I make homemade whipped cream and eat the whole bowl by itself. Very often.”

13. Secretly Amish Cat Lover/Snooki

Photo by Christin Urso

“I eat cream cheese with a spoon. I also drink pickle juice every time I’m hungover.”  (actually a #spoontip!)

14. Winnie the Pooh: South of the Border Edition

Photo courtesy of brit.co

“I love tortillas with honey on them. Like literally a burrito with butter and honey. I call them dessert tortillas and everyone makes fun of me.”

15. Unnamed High Ranking Corporate Official

Photo courtesy of dailybeautyhack.com

“I ate glue until i was in second grade… So far it hasn’t seemed to have hindered my development.”

16. Kirkland Brand Medicinal Maven

Photo courtesy of wilx.com

“I LOVE Vitamin C pills. I would eat 10 at a time from the family size tin from Costco. My doctor legitimately had to interfere because she was concerned I would OD on vitamin C.”  (A confirmed reality)

17. Beyonce

Photo by Sarah Silbiger

“I suck on lemon wedges cause why not.”

18. It’s Almost Like Nature Valley, Guys

Photo by Christin Urso

“I eat raw oats by themselves. Sometimes the pantry isn’t stocked with anything but  cooking ingredients, so I have to get creative. It’s either that or flour.”