If you make your way down Main Street, past the greasy slices and study hubs, you'll find Delaware's longest running bakery and a true UD treasure. Bing's Bakery is taking it's skills and wise generosity to the next level by offering a cake sampling every other month. The walk to Bing's might seem long but is well worth it.

The first cake sampling was August 2016, with 300 people attending. With weather permitting, owner Carla hopes to officially have one every other month starting January 2017.  Here's a Breakdown of the best way to get free cake on campus: 

Why They Do It

cake, birthday cake, buttercream
Casey Irwin

Questioning free food can be a hard road to go down, but in this case it means so much to a small business. It gives people the opportunity to fall in love at first bite with Bing's while taste testing for a future event, whether it's something already planned or not.

While a lot of students turn out to get their sugar fill for the day, families and couples take the time to seriously feel out their favorites. 

What They Offer

chocolate, cake
Casey Irwin

There were no limits to what a single person can try during the sampling. Bing's offered flavors for everyone, with October's options being yellow, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, pound cake and carrot cake. It's good to let customers know how many options they have at any given time.

cake, chocolate, cream, red velvet cake, sweet
Casey Irwin

What some people consider to be the most important part of a cake is the icing. Bing's had homemade chocolate, butter cream, cream cheese and strawberry icings that covered the cakes. You can't beat butter cream made with real butter, even if there is a little bit of cake in the way. 

The Real Winner

cream, cake, sweet, chocolate, candy, pastry, goody
Casey Irwin

The real winners were my taste buds, but I mostly have the strawberry cake with strawberry icing to thank for that. Everyone with me agreed that we could all just taste the freshness of the icing with the strawberry flavor.

It was hard to abandon my favorite in order to try the rest, although they were all equally satisfying. Bing's cake sampling put the unity back into dessert where it should be. Give yourself a chance to try some of the best cake at UD when the next Taste of Bing's rolls around.