Tis' the season for copious amounts of tank tops, long sleeves, sweatpants, and of course, FOOD. Big-little week, which all leads up to big-little reveal, is every sorority girl's favorite time of year. So much bonding, so much love, so much food. But, what food does a little actually want? Bigs, stop messaging your little's best home friend from 8 years ago and pay attention. 

1. Insomnia Cookies Cookie Cake

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There's nothing better than a warm, gooey insomnia chocolate chip cookie, and if it's in cake form, that's even better. When it's from your big, sick, and when she expresses her love for you with an "I Love You Little" edible note in the middle of the cookie cake, amazing. They're only $18 and can be delivered straight to your little's door. You literally cannot go wrong with this food choice; it's foolproof.

2. Pizza House Feta Bread

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Long night at the library? You look up in distress, and suddenly, a miracle appears. A delivery from a girl you somewhat recognize in the pledge class above you is holding a pizza box from nowhere other than Pizza House. Pizza House has the best cheesy bread in the world, but if that new so-called sister of yours comes with feta bread, that's even more fantastic. She's not your big, but you definitely love her as much as you love your soon-to-be big at that exact moment — because, feta bread.

3. South U Pizza

So, what if you aren't in the mood for cheesy bread, but instead you have every intention of diving into an eclectic pizza pie with your favorite toppings? Have no fear, South U Pizza is here! South U is much cheaper than at Pizza House, so it's a win-win for you and for your big's wallet. 

4. Halo Top Ice Cream

For that little who wants to be healthy but also wants to satisfy her sweet tooth, bigs should look to Halo Top. With 17 mouth-watering flavors all ranging between 240 and 360 calories per pint, Halo Top can serve as both a late night snack and a drunk food, so it's all the taste without the guilt. Biggie, no need to give your little a bowl, she'll just finish the entire pint — and love you eternally, of course. 

5. Chipotle

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A wise friend of mine once said, "If my big got me a Chipotle bowl, I would cry," and, so, via my friend's big's fake Facebook account, I told her to buy my friend a Chipotle bowl. Why? It isn't dining hall food, it's super satisfying, and come on, who doesn't love the feeling of a heart palpitations at the sight of a Chipotle bag? In the end, my friend got her bowl from her big, and let's be real, she shed a tear

6. Sushi

Sushi is the ultimate go-to. With so many different places to choose from in Ann Arbor, there are a myriad of options to satisfy your little's sushi craving. At Sadako, go for the spicy salmon rolls, at Totoro, I'd recommend climbing the Lucky Mountain roll, and at Slurping Turtle, you can get your little any typical roll plus the spicy ramen. 

7. Mac and Cheese from Zingerman's Roadhouse

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There really is nothing better than a steaming plate of pasta mixed with decadent layers of cheesy goodness. Three cheese, four cheese, five cheese — the more cheese, the better. It is THE ultimate comfort food, so why wouldn't a little want some, too? There are seven Mac and Cheese options at Roadhouse, making it seemingly impossible to pick the best one, but only the best for your little, biggie. So, make sure you choose carefully and wisely. Decisions, decisions.

So, biggies, there you have it. For each day of the school week and even a few weekend big-little dates, you have some awesome options to make your little a very happy girl. Great meals results in three things: long-lasting friendships, everlasting comfort, and full stomaches. So, when your little is crying because she's so happy to see you during big-little reveal, console her with smiles, laughter, and, of course, more food.