Spring break marks the halfway point of the semester, meaning that students are taking a well deserved break, likely somewhere far from campus. If you’re like me, you prefer to avoid eating meals on planes at all costs, so having proper snacks is even more crucial.

Whether you’re leaving town on a plane, in a car, or any other way, here are five of the best snacks to travel with that you'll want by your side.

Pretzel Chips:

These deliciously crunchy snacks are a staple in my backpack, no matter where I’m going. The variety of flavors means you can always try something new, and the resealable bag is an added bonus wen you’re traveling. They’re a little lighter than regular pretzels and have fewer calories as well, making them an idea travel companion.

Make sure to stay hydrated after snacking on these salty crisps, especially if you’re on a plane. It may lead to a few more bathroom breaks, but your body will thank you in the long run.

Breakfast Bars:

Unlike granola bars, these don’t leave as many crumbs behind on your lap. Usually filled with a fruit flavoring, these bars are a tasty way to tide yourself over on the plane without feeling too full and uncomfortable. Their wide range of available brands and flavors ensures that you’ll find the perfect bar to munch on while traveling.

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Sarah Fung

Dried Fruit:

Dried mangoes or cranberries are my go-to when I want something sweet, but still healthy. Luckily, almost every fruit can be found in a dried form. Freeze-dried fruit has recently been increasingly popular. For example, freeze dried strawberries provide a light and refreshing snack with an interesting texture sure to intrigue your taste buds.

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Elisha Corbett

If you want to spice up your dried fruit snacks, try adding chocolate chips to the mix. This works particularly well with dried cranberries, and helps to cut through some of the tartness.

That being said, try to avoid adding nuts or peanuts to your mix if you’re traveling on a plane. Some airlines ask passengers to refrain from eating tree nuts (cashews, almonds, etc) or peanuts on the plane, due to fellow passenger allergies. You don’t want to be stuck snack-less!


Something about plane rides makes me crave a sweet treat, usually Jelly Bellies. Hard candies usually fare a little better on plane or car trips because it’s less likely they will melt all over your backpack and create a huge mess. Plus, candy helps make a long stretch of traffic or a delayed flight just a little more bearable.

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Katherine Reed

Fair warning, you may find that you’ve somehow devoured the whole bag of candy halfway through your flight (and you might not regret it either).


An all-time favorite snack of mine, goldfish are the percent amount of cheesy and crunchy, which especially hits the spot when you’re flying. They’re also great for mindlessly munching on when you’re watching a movie or staring out the car window.

Like with the pretzel chips, they also come in wide array of flavors, including gluten free and whole grain (if you’re into that).

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Water and Gum:

So these aren’t snacks, but they’re just as important. Hydration is key at all times, but even more important when flying, especially if your hands start to swell like mine do.

Gum is also a good thing to have in your backpack.Whether you get motion sickness or you’ve just woken up from a nap, popping a piece of gum in can help refresh you and get you ready for your final destination.