Snacking never fails to brighten your mood. It gives you that final push you need to finish the last few chapters of studying and completes every movie night in with your friends. Sure eating dinner is great, but snacking brings a kind of joy that no three course meal can beat. You do not have to go far on Wake Forest's campus to get delicious snacks though; Students are lucky to have Provisions on Demand, or better known as the P.O.D., to satisfy any snack craving.

There are three right on campus: one in Benson, one in Davis Hall connected to Subway, and one next to the North Campus Starbucks. The P.O.D. has lots of options to choose from, including some lesser known brands, that are actually so delicious. Here are some of the best snacks you can get from the P.O.D.

Ice Cream

Ashley Foley

Nothing beats a night in with your besties and a pint of ice cream. The P.O.D offers a wide variety of not only ice cream flavors, but also ice cream brands. No hate to the Pit's self serve ice cream, but a pint of your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's cannot be beat. Whether you want some Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough, Halo Top Peanut Butter, or Talenti Pistachio gelato, your ice cream craving will certainly be satisfied.


Ashley Foley

Regardless of if you want to settle down with a fresh bowl of popped popcorn or grab a bag to snack on throughout the day, the P.O.D offers many options. You can buy bags to pop in your dorm's microwave for a movie, or grab the pre-popped Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn for a quick, pre-made snack. This popcorn is addicting; Before you know it, the entire bag will be empty.

Cookie Dough

Ashley Foley

Cookie Dough is literally the cure for everything. Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is sold at the P.O.D. and nothing quite beats this vegan and gluten free version of our favorite snack. It's totally edible but still tastes like you are eating the dough from a homemade batch. This stuff is GOOD, like actually better than homemade dough.


Ashley Foley

The P.O.D. has great options for yogurt lovers. One of the sections of the P.O.D. is a yogurt bar that includes toppings like granola, fruit, coconut flakes, and chia seeds. You create the yogurt of your dreams and then it's priced based on weight. And for non dairy people, the P.O.D also sells So Delicious coconut milk yogurt and Kite Hill almond milk yogurt. My biggest secret? Make a bowl of fruit, granola, and any other toppings from the yogurt bar and then buy some So Delicious or Kite Hill to create your own delicious dairy-free yogurt snack.

P.O.D. Candy

Ashley Foley

The final and absolute best snack you can get at the P.O.D. is the candy. You can scoop as much as you want into a bag, and the cashier prices each bag based on its weight, similar to the yogurt bar. There are gummy bears, chocolate covered pretzels, sour gummy worms, M&M’s, and so many more to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth. I always grab some P.O.D. candy before a presentation or meeting in Benson.

I and so many other Wake Forest University students love the P.O.D. because of its convenience and its wide array of options. They have healthy snacks, but also junk food—all ready to be purchased with your food dollars!