Summer break is right around the corner, and you know what that means. ROAD TRIP. Thousands of college students are about to embark on the most epic and life-changing trip of their lives to beaches, mountains, and cities all across the US. I am here to make your life one step easier by giving you the 10 best road trip snacks. Whether you are cramming 20 of your best friends in a car, or riding somewhere with your family, I found the best road trip snacks that any sketchy gas station off the highway is sure to have.


milk, candy
Maddy Stroder

Who doesn’t love candy? Whether you have a craving for chocolate, or something sour, all types of candy are essential for any road trip. Some favorites include Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, Reece’s, Skittles, M&Ms, and Sour Gummy Worms.

Sunflower Seeds

Maddy Stroder

This is one that may be strange for some, but there is something to be said about spitting sunflower seeds on a sunny day with music blasting and the windows rolled down.

Chex Mix

milk, cookie, goody, sweet, chocolate, candy
Maddy Stroder

If you're lucky, you'll be the only friend who likes the brown chip and they'll be ALL YOURS. And if you're really bored, those circular pretzels can double as rings. 


ice, beer
Maddy Stroder

This isn’t necessarily a snack, but who can resist those easy twist tops on the road? Staying hydrated on a road trip is key, just make sure you don’t finish a whole bottle in under an hour, as hard as that may be. Your friends will thank you later for the lack of bathroom stops.

Beef Jerky 

beef, chocolate, meat, pork, barbecue
Ashly Kim

You don’t have to be a truck driver to enjoy this one. It's fun to imagine you are one though, ripping the tough jerky and feeling like a total baddie on the road. 


bread, cheese
Lauren Katzenstein

This is a classic. No question. Whether your mom decides to splurge with the family size or not, these are for sure going to gone by the end of the trip. 


Lea Walsh

Any kind of popcorn is a must, especially if you are enjoying movies on your trip. And no, I don't expect you to whip up a bag in your microwave before, because who has time for that? Some easy, already popped bags include Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop, and Smartfood Delight.

Trail Mix

pizza, beer
Maddy Stroder

Whether you're the person who only eats the M&M's, or loves cashews and peanuts, a bag of trail mix is great for road trips. It will not only give you some protein, but it will also fill you up so you don't have to binge on French fries at your next lunch stop. 


tea, beer, coffee
Maddy Stroder

If your tongue isn't dyed blue by the end of the trip, your doing it wrong. These are sure to keep everyone awake and provide a few brain freezes along the way. 

Flaming Hot Cheetos

chips, goody, sweet, candy
Maddy Stroder

This is a personal favorite. In my opinion, Flaming Hot Cheetos are the holy grail of all road trip snacks. They're crunchy and delicious and hey, who cares if your fingers are bright red after finishing a bag? You might want to go easy on these if your going to be in the car for awhile, if you know what I mean. 

The car is a place where people come together to share stories, laugh, blast endless soundtracks, and create memories. Bringing food adds to the atmosphere and makes your trip that much more enjoyable. So if you're driving 15 minutes to your friends house, or 20 hours across the US, eat, eat, and eat more of the absolute best road trip snacks. Because road trips can be boring, but snacking makes them fun.