Surrounded by pink buildings and glitzy clothing stores, Mizner is one of the fanciest places in Boca Raton. Despite this, Mizner isn't just a place for Instagram photos. It's also the perfect destination to quench your appetite. Here are five places to eat in and around Mizner Park. 

1) Yard House

Katelyn Bonanno

Yard House has a wide variety of delicious entrees, including great vegan options, desserts, and drinks. Yard house prides itself on their large selection of draft beers and their fresh food that is made from scratch daily.

2) New York Grilled Cheese

Katelyn Bonanno

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, so why not have a restaurant dedicated to it? Choose from the many options of grilled cheese such as The Broadway Classic with American and Swiss cheese to the ever favorite Manhatten Grilled Mac & Cheese, and yes it does taste good as it sounds. Instead of a side of fries, go for the tomato basil bisque.

3) Parlour Vegan

Katelyn Bonanno

Parlour Vegan has the most extensive selection of vegan sweets your little heart contents! Also, Parlour Vegan has actual food like empanadas, pizza rolls, and tamales. Get yourself an iced latte paired with an empanada and a cake batter donut and enjoy your meal while sitting under the gazebo in Mizner Park.

4) Ramen Lab Eatery

Katelyn Bonanno

Look no further than this little gem for true authentic ramen noodles! The broth is tasty, the noodles are filling, and the seasoning is excellent especially the ground chicken. Forget prepackaged ramen, head down to Ramen Lab Eatery for some real cuisine. 

5) Kiki's Chinese and Sushi

Kiki's isn't as big as the other eateries, but the food makes up for it. The food is packed with flavor and perfect for on the go. Plus you can wait for your meal while reading the funny memes on the walls. Kiki's is great to enjoy while relaxing on the beach.