Boca is known for it's trendy and over-priced retail stores, but did you know there are little hidden bakeries that have the best sweets? Whether you have a major sweet tooth or you just want a little something to satisfy your tastebuds, this is the list for you!

1)  Wild Berry Cobbler from Bolay

This new restaurant is giving Chipotle a run for their money. With loads of healthy options, colorful decor, and friendly staff, there's a reason why Bolay has become so popular in this community. After you've indulged in their scrumptious meals, try their desserts! You could go with a classic chocolate chip cookie, but I recommend the Wild Berry Cobbler with crushed walnuts.

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Katelyn Bonanno

This decadent dessert is not only healthy, but it's deliciously sweet. Unlike some cobblers, this isn't tangy or overbearing. The crumbs of the walnut perfect balance out the fruits. If you're looking for something sweet and healthy, head on over to Bolay!

2) White Choco Macadamia Lemon Cookie Sandwich from Parlour Vegan

Once you take a bite of this scrumptious cookie sandwich, you'll never go anywhere else! Parlour Vegan has delectable foods, but their desserts are their trademark. There's such a wide variety such as their donuts, pie in a cup, cupcakes, and their amazing sandwich cookies.

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Katelyn Bonanno

As soon as I sunk my teeth into this, I couldn't believe it was vegan. The cookie itself is chewy and sugary, but the frosting is almost identical to Publix's, but it's vegan which makes it all the more impressive. Plus, the lemon flavoring gives it a little citrus tang. This is the perfect treat for a hot summer day in Florida. It's like lemonade, but in cookie form.

3)  The Jolt from Rappy's

Sure you could go to Shake Shack or Steak and Shake for a ordinary milkshake, or you could excite your tastebuds with a spiked milkshake! This will give your basic milkshakes a run for their money.

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Katelyn Bonanno

It's all in the name- the Jolt is a mixture of Kahlua, Bailey's, and Van Gogh Double Espresso vodka. This beautiful drink is like chocolate cake smothered in espresso (and vodka) in drink form. If you're a hardcore sweets fan and love vodka, then this is the drink for you! Cheers!

4) Kick'n Chicken & Waffle from Tucker Dukes

 I never said this was a solely a dessert article, but the best places in Boca to get SOMETHING SWEET. With that being said, if you're a little iffy about mixing fried chicken and a classic breakfast dish, let me reassure you that this is the greatest food combination ever created!

arugula, salad, chicken
Katelyn Bonanno

I'll break this down for you. This delicious dish contains slices of savory, sriracha honey glazed fried chicken perched up two fluffy, delicate cheddar waffles, sprinkled with arugula and bacon (no bacon for me).  There's a mild kick from the sriracha, but the sweetness of the honey, the savoriness of friend chicken, and the waffles transports you to food heaven! If you're not into overly sweet foods, this dish is perfect for you!

5) Dunkaroo Cupcake and Cafecito Mocha Cupcake from Parlour Vegan

Hello 90's! This will transport you back to your childhood while watching Cartoon Cartoon Fridays! Not only does Parlour Vegan have vegan coffee, donuts, cookie sandwiches, and empanadas, but they also have an enormous array of cupcake flavors! These range from Creamsicle to classic S'mores, but the Dunkaroo is a well known favorite.

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Katelyn Bonanno

 It might look like an ordinary vanilla cupcake, but the frosting is sweet vanilla custard similar to dunkaroo frosting, and the filling is scrumptious graham cracker frosting! If you want to get your hands on this delectable treat, make sure to get there early, they sell out fast!

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Katelyn Bonanno

If coffee is more your thing, check out the Cafecito Mocha Cupcake, it exactly like a cup of mocha in cupcake form. This chocolate cupcake is filled with mocha filling and topped with coffee frosting with chocolate streaks! If cupcakes are too sweet, the doughnuts are super popular as well. 

Whether you're a sweetaholic or you just need something sweet to perfect your meals, check out one of these fabulous destinations, you won't regret it!

If cupcakes are too sweet for you, check out their popular donuts!