Fall is my favorite time of year: the change of color, the crisp air, the comfort food, and the sweet treats. Every year, when the heat of summer finally begins to cool off, my favorite fall activities start.

Between the delicious foods and the millions of things to do, autumn captures my heart every year. So, I thought, why don't I combine my favorite things about fall? Here's what I came up with.

Apple Picking

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Amanda Shulman

Apple picking is a staple in fall activities. Check out local orchards, stock up on apples, and then get cooking! If you're sick of the classic apple pie, try out fried apple rings to spice up your dessert course. Or if your Sunday brunch needs a twist, pair your mimosa with some tasty apple pancakes.

Pumpkin Carving 

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Marina Poole

Carve up your pumpkins, but don't throw out all the gunk inside just yet. Pumpkin seeds provide the perfect grab and go snack. Roasted pumpkin seeds are healthy AND easy to make. If you have more time to spend "pumpkin-spicing" up your food, try making pumpkin spice granola. 

Trick or Treating 

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Alexander Furuya

Everyone swears that they will finish all the candy they collected on Halloween, but most people still find themselves with leftover candy months later. Put that candy to use and create some Halloween candy bark. What about pancakes, or brownies? Try these recipes.


jalapeno, avocado, bacon, pepper
Alexa Gambero

Show your support by bringing the best dishes and drinks to your football team's tailgate. Tailgate food can be simple, easy to make, and uber delicious. Try out these recipes to wow the crowd. Also, what's a tailgate without some boozing? Every morning tailgate must include the perfect Bloody Mary.


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Tiare Brown

Fall season is not complete without trekking up a mountain, and picnicking at the top and enjoying the scenic views of foliage. Make sure you pack your hiking essentials. Trail mix is a go-to. Protein-packed energy balls are a must. Yummy, healthy sandwich? Yes.

Fall is filled with all kinds of fun activities and amazing food so start studying up these awesome recipes to make the most of your season.