Pittsburgh has quickly risen to become a top food city. With hidden gems located everywhere you turn, it’s impossible to go hungry in this city that knows how to eat. This article is your mini-guide to the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. Here’s my Best of Pittsburgh 2017 edition:

Bakery: Prantl’s

Conveniently located right next to Pamela’s in Shadyside, Prantl’s is a bakery that does not disappoint. Whether you’re looking for cookies, brownies, or a scrumptious new cake to try, Prantl’s has it all. Their world-famous Burnt Almond Torte does not disappoint either. While I was a little skeptical of the highly-praised almond torte at first, I ended up loving it. For someone who doesn’t like vanilla cake or nuts in their dessert, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious (and even addicting) this cake ended up being. It has tons of sugar on top of the crunchy almonds and moist cake. Now I completely understand why this sweet treat is famous and has been written about in various magazines.

Burger: Hello Bistro & Burgatory

Surprise, surprise: it’s a tie! I don’t always eat burgers, but when I do, they’re usually from Hello Bistro (despite their horrendous service) or Burgatory. Hello Bistro’s California Turkey Burger is my go-to when I’m looking for something quick and filling. Every single time I finish eating this burger, I genuinely wish I had a couple more to eat because it is just that good. On the other hand, if you have more time and money, Burgatory is a place that will never disappoint. Their burgers are sizably bigger and much more filling than Hello Bistro’s and are also much more customizable. Plus, they taste incredible and you can even get one of their to-die-for milkshakes to dip it in.

Chinese Food: Asia Tea House

Unlike most people, I’m super picky about my Chinese food. No matter where I go, I always get General Tso’s chicken, chicken fried rice, and lo mein (and no, I don’t want to try something new). Out of all of the Chinese places I’ve tried, Asia Tea House is easily the best. First of all, it’s located in Schenley Plaza, so you can grab your food, a few friends, and a blanket, and sit on the grass with the most incredible view of Cathy (truly my ideal day). Second, Asia Tea House has a pretty big menu, so it’s hard not to find something good to eat. Plus, the food tastes amazing and the service is relatively quick.

Crepes: Café Moulin

Tucked away on a cute little side street in Shadyside, Café Moulin is likely to be busy any time you go. Their menu features both sweet and savory crepes, as well as french toast, eggs and paninis. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then the Halle Berry (a sweet crepe with strawberries, chocolate sauce, and Nutella(!!!)) is perfect for you. If you’re looking for something a little more filling and breakfast-y, then the Ham and Cheese crepe will do just the job.

Grilled Cheese: The Yard

Calling all cheese lovers!!! Have you been dreaming of a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mac and cheese??? If so, look no further than The Yard! Its extensive menu is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Plus, every sandwich comes with amazing tomato soup and fries. Perfect for any rainy day.

Ice Cream: Waffallonia & Millie’s

Forget Dave and Andy’s! Pittsburgh’s best ice cream can be found at Waffallonia (located in Schenley Plaza and Squirrel Hill) and Millie’s in Shadyside. Obviously, Waffallonia is best known for its waffles, BUT their ice cream is also to die for. They offer vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Speculoos (pronounced speck-you-los), Nutella, and Cinnamon. Speculoos, my personal favorite, is basically cookie butter. Normally, you can find it in the grocery store in a jar that looks like peanut butter. It has just a tiny hint of cinnamon in it, and it is unlike any other ice cream you will ever try. On the other hand, Millie’s homemade ice cream is everything you could ask for in a cute little ice cream shop and more. They have a wide range of flavors and also offer waffle cones that they bake right in front of you!

Macaroons: Paris 66

The best macaroons you will ever eat. Period. They come in a wide range of flavors including Salted Carmel Pretzel, Raspberry, Lemon, and Pistachio just to name a few.

Kelly Gresh

Mac and Cheese: Nine on Nine

Nine on Nine’s lobster mac and cheese is easily the best mac and cheese that will ever grace your taste buds.

Kelly Gresh

Milkshake: Burgatory

Burgatory’s milkshakes are good enough that they were featured on Buzzfeed’s “19 Insane Milkshake Shops Around the World You Need To Eat At” article, which features milkshake joints from around the world, including Singapore, Brazil, Australia, and the UK. I think we often take for granted just how lucky we are to be surrounded by such amazing restaurants with food good enough to make you die and go to heaven. Burgatory offers a wide variety of milkshakes. My personal fave is the Brownie milkshake, which is only offered at Heinz Field L. They also offer tons of different limited edition shakes throughout the year like Birthday Cake, Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, Dirt Pudding, Snickerdoodle, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Kelly Gresh

Pizza: The Porch

Who needs Sorrento’s when you have The Porch??? While I’ve admittedly spent an obscene amount of money at the Porch since I was a freshman, I don’t regret any of it. I’ve probably consumed at least 50 of their margherita pizzas, twice that amount of crispy potatoes, as well as caesar salad, and their skillet cornbread. No matter what type of food you’re in the mood for, the Porch’s food is guaranteed to blow you out of the water.

Kelly Gresh

Ravioli: Mallorca

Located in SouthSide, Mallorca is a cute little restaurant that doesn’t look like much from the outside. Appearances can be deceiving, however. Once inside, you might think you’re actually dining in Europe rather than Pittsburgh. Mallorca offers lots of fabulous dishes, but their ravioli reigns supreme. It is truly even better than authentic ravioli from Italy, I promise.

Breakfast: Pamela’s

A true no-brainer for any Pittsburgher. Whether you’re looking for the best waffle you’ll ever eat or a filling omelet to instantly make your stomach happy, Pamela’s is easily the best way to start your day (especially during finals week when morale is low and you need a pick-me-up).

Lunch: Primanti’s

With sandwiches that are as tall as the UPMC building downtown, it’s impossible not to be satisfied after eating at Primanti’s. It’s a true Pittsburgh favorite and is perfect if you are looking for a delicious meal that will keep your stomach happy for the rest of the day.

Kelly Gresh

Dinner: Paris 66

Dinner has been my favorite meal since I can remember. As such, you could say I’m a pretty tough critic when it comes to picking the BEST restaurant to go to for dinner in all of Pittsburgh. I’ve been to tons of restaurants all over the Steel City and none of them compare to Paris 66. This was easily one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. By that, I mean I was legitimately licking my plate by the time I was finished (something I never do, no matter how tempted I am). 10/10 would recommend the rainbow trout with Pommes Frites (that’s fancy talk for some of the best fries you’ll ever eat). This place is truly the BEST of Pittsburgh.

Writing this article has made me realize just how much I take for granted Pittsburgh’s amazing restaurants and incredible food scene. Anytime I’m back home in Philly, there’s always something from Pittsburgh I’m craving but can’t have because it’s only offered in Pittsburgh. I guess my point is that you should take advantage of Pittsburgh food as much as you can. Happy eating!!!

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