Reusable water bottles are no longer just a trend, they are a stylish and effective way of cutting down your own plastic usage and staying hydrated throughout the day. The benefits of ditching the plastic stretch to many areas of our daily life, from health, finances, and the footprint we are responsible for on earth. By using a reusable stain-less steel water bottle, you can avoid the BPA found in most plastic water bottles, which can damage your immune and digestive systems among other important body parts. As an added bonus, you have the potential to save (theoretically) $17,290 throughout your life by cutting out plastic bottles.

So, if you aren't already convinced by these statistics, there are many aesthetically pleasing insulated bottles out there to encourage you to jump on the reusable bottle band wagon. There are many brands to choose from, so I will be looking at the quality, style and price of some of the best insulated stain-less steel bottles to add to your list this year. 

1. Hydro Flask

With their bright colors, sleek style, and tons of available sizes/shapes, Hydro Flask offers a wide variety of bottles to fit your need. These vacuum insulated bottles keep drinks hot or cold so long that you can often leave a drink sitting overnight and find it still your desired temperature. They also offer a variety of tops other than a standard screw-on lid. You can choose from a straw lid, sport cap, and a flip cap for a regular water bottle and switch out based on what you're drinking. 

The prices for standard bottles range roughly from $30 -$60 and include seven different options for volume. They also have tumblers and flasks for coffeewine, beer, and spirits. All in all, Hydro Flask offers a bottle for everyone and boasts a reasonable price range. You cannot go wrong with these bottles on your list this year. 

2. Yeti

Yeti certainly has a good reputation, but has slightly fewer color options and caters more to those looking for a good tumbler. The quality of the bottles is excellent, as they are tough enough to withstand drops and outdoor excursions. The price range is consistent with Hydro Flask based on volume. Yeti offers larger sizes - half-gallon and gallon jugs - and even options for pets, which work perfectly for hikes or long days outside. If you are looking for something to keep your drinks hot or cold even in the toughest conditions, or just something to hold large amounts of liquid for long periods of time, Yeti would most likely be the brand for you.

3. Klean Kanteen

While Klean Kanteen offers lower prices than Hydro Flask and Yeti, these only apply to the non-insulated, single-wall bottles. Although these bottles are much lighter, they tend to sweat and can dent more easily with only the single layer of stainless steel. They usually only work to keep drinks at room temperature, so they would not necessarily keep drinks hot or cold. Klean Kanteen has less options for insulated bottles, although they have many color options and the quality of the insulated bottles are on the same level as the previous brands. If you are searching for something more affordable and are not worried about temperature, these bottles are your go-to. 

4. Swell

If you are looking for a stylish bottle, Swell is a brand that offers beautiful and colorful patterns to catch your eye. The unique shape is easy to hold and drink from, although can be difficult to clean. Swell also offers many sizes and styles - even a cocktail kit - and definitely has the most aesthetically pleasing designs. The prices are a bit higher than some of the previous brands, but you are paying for the look as well as the quality. For the stylish person on your wishlist, the Swell bottle is a perfect fit. 

5. Corkcicle

Although this brand may not be as well-known or popular as the others, Corkcicle has a sleek design giving it a modern edge. I'm not sure what it is about the sharp edges of the bottle, but it just makes you want to pick up the bottle. Corkcicle's shiny, vibrant, gem-like bottles won't break your bank but they will definitely make you feel like royalty while drinking out of them. 

If you haven't already gone out to buy a reusable bottle, take advantage of the holiday season to get yourself a high-quality stain-less steel bottle to improve your health, finances, and maybe even help save the earth.