For some reason when our ancestors created "breakfast for dinner" they forgot to include the holy meal of cereal. Help your cereal fiend of a friend stick it to the man and incorporate their love for the stuff in other important parts of their life: Aka dessert. But don't worry, we have a pick for the cereal purist, too.

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The Obol Bowl

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Never underestimate a person who has a strong opinion about soggy cereal. Get them this instead. Buy it here.

Ice Cream Maker

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Because the next best dairy product in a bowl is ice cream. Buy it here.

Cereal Milk Infuser

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So what if this is supposed to be used for fruit-infused water? Tell them to imagine Cocoa Puffs-infused milk in their coffee. That is all. Buy it here.

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This gift guide is sponsored by our friends at General Mills, because they just get people who are obsessed with breakfast.