Have you ever wanted to travel across America? See our beautiful country from coast to coast? Me too. But my dream has a little twist: to try the best French fries in every state. Heaven, right? Sure, there are pros and cons to eating fries, but life is short. If you and your squad are planning an epic trip or want to try something new in your home state, so we've chosen the best fries from all 50 states. 

Alabama: Carrigan's Public House

Carrigan's fries house-cut fries are stacked on top of their large corndog. Get them loaded for the ultimate treat—don't forget a side of their hipster ranch. 

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Alaska: International House of Hotdogs

Crispy cilantro fries are the perfect addition to your flavorful hotdog when visiting Anchorage.

Arizona: Bourbon Steak

If you're in the mood for greasy goodness, try the duck fat fries—three sets of fries with different seasoning options and their own custom dipping sauce.

Arkansas: David's Burgers

If you've ever wondered what heaven's like, it's at David's Burgers. If you choose to dine-in, your waiter will bring you an endless supply of French fries. That's right—bottomless fries.

California: The Kroft

The Kroft has every possible combination of poutine you could imagine—classic, chicken pot fries, cheeseburger fries, and Japanese katsu curry are just a few of their many delicious options.

Colorado: Park Burger

It's called The Works for a good reason—a basket of fries topped with ranch, bacon, scallions, and cheese sauce. Mm-mm-mmm.

Connecticut: Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B has the best of both worlds—tots and fries. Buffalo tots, breakfast tots, phantom fries, and Miss Piggy's fries. What more could you ask for? If you can't decide on one or the other, order them both. 

Delaware: D.B's Fries

If you've ever woken up hungry in the middle of the night because you had a dream about finding a bucket of fries on the beach, your dream has come true.

Florida: Quality Meats

Basically a fancier version of Chick-fil-A's waffle fries, these Parmesan waffle fries will have you ditching fast food.

Georgia: Illegal Food

If you're into spicy foods, order the Okonomiyaki fries at Illegal Food. These Japanese-inspired fries are topped with fermented chili sauce, toasted seaweed, and sprinkled with bonito flakes.

Hawaii: Honolulu Burger Company

If you find yourself lucky enough to be in Hawaii, you might as well take a trip to Honolulu Burger Company. Here you'll be able to find any type of fry your heart could desire—poutine, garlic, chili, sweet potato, and the list goes on and on.

#SpoonTip: If you're on a budget, here are some dives to visit.

Idaho: Boise Fry Company

At the Boise Fry Company, it's like Burger King—have it your way (but with way better fries). Pick your size, potato, cut, and then customize your fries as you please. If you're picky about your fries, we've found the place for you.

Illinois: Michael's

We really don't need to say much about these fries. We'll take a side of hot dog with those cheddar cheese fries, please. 

Indiana: FARM Bloomington

Need some Hoosier home fries to satisfy your French fry craving? Us too. Hop in your car and head right over to get your fill.

Iowa: Django

Who says you can't have fries with your fancy French dinner? At Django, try the duck frites or the poutine—after all, they are called FRENCH fries. 

Kansas: Grandstand Burgers

Crinkle cut French fries will never disappoint, especially when they're paired with a classic burger from Grandstand's.

Kentucky: Cock and Bull Public House

Take your crinkle cut fries one step further and make them sweet potato fries. Grab a basket of them for an appetizer while you sit and take in the vast menu.

Louisiana: South of Philly

No crazy toppings or sauces here, just some damn good fries. Pair with a Philly cheesesteak for a party in your mouth.

Maine: Duck Fat

When it comes to fries, I don't joke around. A local sandwich shop in Maine, Duck Fat is known for their mouth-watering Belgian fries fried in duck fat for extra crispiness. 

Maryland: Abbey Burger Bistro

Waffle fry nachos topped with all the goods—what more can a girl ask for? Worth the calorie splurge, no question about it. 

Massachusetts: Saus

pork, cheese, poutine, bacon
Jessica Citronberg

If you're looking for a French fry filled menu, you're headed to the right place. Deep-fried egg, truffled mushrooms, and pork belly fries are just a few options.

Michigan: Social Kitchen and Bar

Fries on fries on fries = nirvana. Skip the entree and just eat an entire tray of fries—we won't judge if you don't share. 

Minnesota: Butcher & the Boar

For something simple, order crispy fries to go with their Texas-style chili. If you want to try something new check out their thick-cut, beer battered fries.

Mississippi: Phillips Grocery

Head to Phillips Grocery for that classic diner feel, complete with the red checkered baskets. Order a cheeseburger and a fries for complete your 50's diner experience.

Missouri: Sportsman's Park Restaurant and Bar

Seasoned curly fries better looking than Ryan Reynolds. You're welcome.

Montana: The Burger Dive

Accompany your award winning burger with a side of garlic fries, the best French fries in Montana.

Nebraska: Bronco's Hamburgers

Fast food never tasted so good with a side of Laredo French fries.

Nevada: Bachi Burger

If you like eating food that qualifies as #foodporn, you've met your match.

New Hampshire: Stark House Tavern

Small town, live music, great food, and even better French fries.

New Jersey: Jilly's French Fry Factory

Enjoy your "Bucket-O-Fries" during your scenic walk on the boardwalk.

New Mexico: 66 Diner

Cheddar fries, fiesta fries (chili and cheese), or 66 fries (chopped green chili and queso) with a photo opportunity on the side.

New York: Pomme Frites

If you've ever been to the Big Apple, you know there's an abundance of food to delve into, and Pomme Frites is no exception.

North Carolina: Asheville Sandwich Company

You can order these delectable French fries on the side, but why order them on the side when you can eat them in your sandwich?

North Dakota: Ebeneezer's Eatery and Irish Pub

Whatever you do, you must order Irish fries on the side—or an entire plate of them if you're feeling lucky.

Ohio: Melt Bar and Grilled

Order the "Hangover Fries" or you will seriously regret every decision you make the rest of the day.

Oklahoma: S&B's Burger Joint

With a menu you won't be able to resist, the fries are just as irresistible. Order regular fries, sweet potato fries, or go 50/50.

Oregon: Potato Champion

Do yourself a favor and go take a gander at Potato Champion's menu. It'll instantly change your mood.

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Pennsylvania: The Continental Mid-town

The caption says it all: "The only mountain I'll attempt to conquer."

Rhode Island: Friskie Fries

There's nothing risky when it comes to Friskie Fries. This food truck's array of fries is a meal in itself—we can get behind that.

South Carolina: The Tattooed Moose

Duck fat fries in combinations even I have never heard of—roasted garlic and bleu cheese fries or duck fat fries and gravy.

South Dakota: Taphouse 41

You can find a burger topped with a mound French fries at Taphouse 41 or you can order a big basket of thin, greasy fries on the side.

Tennessee: Stock & Barrel

The duck confit fries are photogenic and are a great start to your meal. Don't forget to skim the extensive liquor list to accompany your French fries.

Texas: Hyde Park Bar & Grill

Known for their legendary Hyde Park fries, few are aware of their avocado fries, which are also a big hit.

Utah: Bruges Waffles and Frites

What goes best with waffles? French fries—the answer is always French fries.

Vermont: Prohibition Pig

Have it regular or order the shoe strings, but don't forget about the duck fat fries and poutine–it's Vermont's best after all.

Virginia: Burger in the Square

The French fries found here are no ordinary fries. They are the exact replica of the beloved Chick-fil-A fries, but better. 

Washington: Tipsy Cow Burger Bar

Addicting and savory, you'll definitely leave wanting more. Try the regular or sweet potato fries, or be adventurous and order the "Jacked Up Fries."

West Virginia: Tailpipes Restaurant

Be a little daring and try the Southern fries, even if it's not your style. You might just surprise yourself.

Wisconsin: Black Pig

Calling all vegetarians–you have found your new home. Comfort food with a twist, you can enjoy your veggie burger with a side of their crispy fries. 

Wyoming: 2 Doors Down

Thick, crispy, and just the right amount of potato—2 Doors Down will not disappoint your need for French fries.

And with that, I hope you one day get to check each state's best French fries off of your fry bucket list. In case you need some more, here's everything you need to know about fries.