Picture this. It's daytime. It's summer. It's hot. You don't want wine because you'll get too tired, or liquor because its midday. Beer is fine, but it might weigh you down. Enter Best Damn Brewing Co.

Best Damn is an alcoholic soda that's been under the radar for way too long, but I'm so glad it's come out of hiding in time for the upcoming warm weather. For the soda-lover in all of us, and those who want to upgrade their ice cream floats, Best Damn doesn't disappoint.

The sodas come in flavors like Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cherry Cola, Apple Ale and Sweet Iced Tea. The Cream Soda is it's newest, and I'm sure not the last, innovation.

Each brew has between 4% and 6% alcohol, so it's kind of like a beer, but much less bitter and more reminiscent of childhood in the playground, but with a twist.

The Root Beer and Cream soda taste just like their counterparts that are alcohol-free, but give the added element of a little buzz with each bottle.

The Cherry Cola will give you all the feels of nostalgia, and the sweet iced tea is a perfectly smooth, tart and refreshing warm-weather beverage.

While it would be so easy to just create a recipe with the Root Beer by adding some ice cream and calling it a Boozy Root Beer Float, Best Damn has other recipes you don't want to miss. And the drinks would probably be great in any soda cake to give it a little kick.

If you want something "off-the-menu" and slightly more alcoholic, or you prefer to use it as a marinade, check out the recipes they created for their Cream Soda Flavor launch here.