As you reflect fondly upon the days of yellow school buses, gym class, and Spongebob lunch boxes (which were 100 percent a thing), one particular moment may come to mind: snack time. Ah, yes, those blissful ten minutes of the day where you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to unwrap whatever you could scavenge from your backpack. Pick your numero uno from the list below and see what your favorite childhood snack says about you.


Baby Bottle Pop: Forever Young

I remember when I used to get these ? #babybottlepop #baby #bottle #pop #candy #sugar #sucker #yum

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Just like Peter Pan, you don’t wanna grow up. Your pacifier may be long gone, but the memory of it certainly isn’t.

Goldfish: Dazed and Confused

Forever a five year old ✌?️#FishyCrackers #MyFavourite #Yummy #FishyCrackerContainer #ChildhoodSnack

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You feel a bit lost swimming through the Cheddar-blasted perils of life, but you always have a smile on your face. Keep calm and carry on.

Go-Gurt: Health Nut


From an early age, you knew the meaning of a well-balanced diet. You now spend your days eating kale and mastering moves to show off in your next yoga class. Namaste.

Fruit by the Foot: Can’t Be Tamed

Look it this me rare box came in today. Now me poop will be multi-colored. We need to celebrate now ??

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You may have gotten a few time-outs back in the day, but that never phased you. When you let your wild side out, there’s no turning back. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make your own.

Ring Pop: The Flirt


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Ever since your first kiss in preschool, you’ve been fiending for a ring. So long to the days of this crunchy delicacy — you’re on the hunt for a soulmate.

6. Gushers: Chatty Cathy


Your personality is bursting at the seams just like the mystery goo inside these slightly leathery, undeniably delicious gummies. A 140-character tweet is not enough to share what’s on your mind, so you stick to lengthy Facebook statuses instead (feeling- happy :)).

7. Dunkaroos: Life of the Party

On everything I love I used to sneak these from the kitchen lol #childhoodsnack #bomb i know yall did the same… Lol

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You were always the cool kid in school with these sugar-loaded “kanga-themed” treats. You jump into every experience with an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm. Dunkaroos might be banned from the United States now, but you can find a tasty 3-ingredient recipe for Dunkaroo Dip here.

8. Hostess Cupcakes: Trendsetter

You were the envy of the cafeteria with your little bit of perfection back then, and times haven’t changed. People either want to be you or they want be friends with you. ‘Nuff said.

9. Rice Krispies Treats: The Basic One

#ricekrispiestreats #라이스크리스피 #코스트코 가서 한박스 이득??

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You Instagram pictures of froyo and Starbucks like it’s your job. There isn’t a blemish to be found on a single one of your social media profiles and you know it. If you want to step up your Rice Krispies game, check these out.

10. Handi-Snacks: A La Mode

Keeping it classy since day one, you’ve since graduated to finer forms of cheese and crackers. You’ve got your style figured out, and you know it’s fetch. Cocktail party anyone?

11. Bagel Bites: The Practical One

With balanced meals and a balanced lifestyle, you will climb the ladder of success until you reach the top. You know what works together and what doesn’t, and you aren’t afraid to share your opinions. Take your Bagel Bites to the next level like this.

12. Fig Newtons: The Rogue One

takes a special type of snacker to appreciate these… #Nabisco #FigNewtons

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You’ve always strayed a bit from the beaten path in life. Who said Crocs were out of style?

13. Fruit: 🙁

Because everything looks tastier in rainbow order! #eatarainbow #fruitsalad

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You didn’t have the typical childhood experience and that continues to haunt you to this day. Go to the store ASAP and buy as many of the other items on this list that you can.

Hopefully this snack attack gave you some greater clarity as to how the eating choices you have made in the past have impacted your life thus far. If your mouth is watering, it’s time to ignore the nutrition facts and head to the grocery store. And don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine to pair with your favorite snack.