The holidays can be a stressful time of year with buying gifts, putting up the tree and inviting family you only see once a year. When Christmas finally arrives, it's a day full of good cheer because all that hard work has paid off and you can sit and enjoy the food. But until then, here are some Christmas desserts to spread Christmas cheer this season!  

1) Gingerbread Caramel Bars with Cream Cheese and Eggnog Frosting

Ari Collura

 This holly jolly treat takes the classic gingerbread cookie and combines it with sweet and scrumptious eggnog frosting. Adding caramel to the recipe makes this cookie all the better.

2) Peppermint Bark

chocolate, cake, peppermint, cookie
Dylan Barth

Peppermint is another classic Christmas flavor. Peppermint Bark is a combination of sweet and minty peppermint with rich dark chocolate and vanilla chocolate, which adds another layer of sweetness to the recipe. 

3) Hot Chocolate Cookies with Molasses and Marshmallow

chocolate, sweet, brownie, cake, cream, pastry, candy
Alison Mally

The flavor of chocolate is luxurious and rich and can stand on its own, but when combined with marshmallow and molasses, it becomes sweet and sugary. For those who aren't fond of gingerbread or mint, give this a go.

4) S'mores

Alexandra Jade Tringali

There's no better way to spread Christmas cheer than through nostalgia. Not only are S'mores amazing, but the cookie represents childhood and happiness and Christmas is a holiday full of cheer and childhood joy, making this a perfect combination.

5) Spiked Eggnog

coffee, milk, cappuccino, cream, espresso, sweet, chocolate
Kristine Mahan

Have a cup of cheer with a glass of spiked eggnog. Christmas desserts can be drinks too, and Eggnog is delicious on its own, but a splash of alcohol will give this traditional cocktail a new twist.

6) Gingerbread Truffles

If you are major sweet tooth addict, then there isn't any convincing needed to bake these delightful desserts. Gingerbread truffles are rich in flavor from the sugary vanilla frosting and cinnamon.

7) Sugar Cookies

cookie, sweet, candy, pastry, cake, biscuits
Amanda Shulman

No Christmas is complete without frosted sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are tasty plus there's plenty of room to be creative when decorating these cookies.

Christmas is a time of cheer and goodwill. Adding scrumptious desserts to the mix to make the season sweet will give you a Merry Little Christmas this year.