If you've read my article about how carbs are practically the best things ever, it should come as no surprise that I love my potatoes. I can and would eat potatoes at every meal, but personally I think brunch potatoes are the most satisfying.

Since potatoes are often placed in the "sides" or "extras" sections of the menu, I feel like they often get overlooked. I just want to make sure everyone is getting the best experience possible at some of the best brunch places in Vancouver.

1. Yolk's truffle-lemon hashbrowns

I just want to put it out there that these are the best potatoes I think I have ever had anywhere, not just in Vancouver. If you're a fan of truffle-flavored foods, this will blow your mind right off. I've never heard of a truffle and lemon combo before but OMG it works so well... too well. I would go back and brave the crazy long lines just to get a plate of these. 

There's really not much I can say to explain these, you just have to go try them yourselves. Trust me, you'll be thanking me for the rest of your life.

2. Mamie Taylor's home fries

At first glance, the potatoes at Mamie Taylor's don't look like anything special, but somehow they have managed to perfect the texture. The skins are cooked to the ultimate level of crispiness without leaving the insides dry at all. The dilemma with crispy potatoes is usually that the potato part ends up a little dry, but that is not something you'll have to worry about here. 

The best word to describe these: crispy.

3. Jam's matchstick fries

These aren't exactly traditional potatoes, but fries are made of potatoes right? Sometimes I go to Jam and order a sandwich solely because I want the fries that come with it. Jam's matchstick fries are the ultimate combination of thin, crispy, but still soft. I feel like these would definitely satisfy people of any fry-preference. 

I will warn you though, they are extremely addicting. 

4.  Dharma Kitchen's roasted potatoes

Dharma Kitchen is a restaurant most people probably haven't heard of. It's actually an all Vegan restaurant, but please don't let that label steer you away from it. And I may be cheating a little with this one since it isn't a brunch-specific menu, but they sure are open during brunch hours on the weekend.

Their potatoes are more of the classic style, cut into thin slices and roasted to perfection. They're cooked with basil and garlic, and then served with coconut gravy. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like these.

5. Fable Diner

To be honest, the potatoes at Fable aren't anything spectacular, but something about them makes me feel very homey and content. Maybe it's the fact that they're not super dressed up or fancy that makes it feel like a brunch made by grandma.

The only real garnish on the potatoes are spring onions, which in my opinion add the perfect amount of subtle flavor. And just a heads up, if you're ever at fable for lunch or dinner, get the poutine. Something about their fries and gravy mixture also gives it the ultimate home-cooked feeling. 

Next time you're out at brunch, don't overlook the potatoes. They often end up being the highlight of my meal. Hopefully this has helped you open your eyes to the world of brunch potatoes and will help transform your future brunch experiences.