Growing up in the south, you grow to love a good southern breakfast in the morning. The usual stars of the show are bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, grits. All are vital aspects of a breakfast, but nothing compares to a buttery, salty, and fluffy biscuit. The pairing possibilities for a biscuit are endless! You can add honey, jam, gravy, bacon, sausage, chicken, etc. What more could you ask for? In order to feed our biscuit cravings, my friends and I set off to find the best biscuits in Winston-Salem. Our journey took us from some fast-food breakfast restaurants to some classic home cookin' places. I decided to rate the taste and consistency of the biscuits out of 5. Here are my thoughts...

 1. Bojangles

Lauren Mucher

The first stop of our biscuit tour was Bojangles. We were greeted with a biscuit that was buttery, salty, and soft. It had a nice crunch on the top, and came out to us warm and toasty. Bojangles was a tailgate experience for my family growing up. I always looked forward to the Carolina Panthers playing, not for Cam Newton, but for eating Bojangles at the tailgates before the game. Overall, I give Bojangles 4/5!

2. Biscuitville

Lauren Mucher

Ironically, just three restaurants down from Bojangles was Biscuitville. When walking into this fast food chain, we were shocked about how nice it was on the inside. There were television screens, wallpaper, and a condiment stand with what appeared to be every spread known to mankind. Furthermore, the employees were extremely welcoming. Walking up to the cash register, we were greeted by a lady making the biscuits right in front of us! She was mixing the biscuit ingredients and then cutting them into their circular shape. She was very kind, and even invited my friend to come behind the counter to help her out. Afterwards, we received our fresh biscuit. It was warm, extremely fluffy, and a bit toasty on the top. It was amazing! Biscuitville receives a solid 5/5.

3. Krankies

Lauren Mucher

When talking with others about reviewing biscuit places in Winston-Salem, an overwhelming majority of people suggested that I should try Krankies. My friend and I both ordered the Krankies Classic. My friend had hers topped with sausage gravy and mine with honey and hot sauce. The biscuits were a perfect balance of buttery, soft, and flaky. Krankies also offers over 8 different biscuit combinations. I give Krankies 5/5 for a perfect brunch fill up!

4. Chick-Fil-A

Lauren Mucher

I decided to explore Wake Forest University's own Chick-Fil-A. I ordered a chicken biscuit on the way to class. The biscuit was toasted on the outside, a bit crunchy, and had a sweeter taste compared to the other biscuits we tried. It was crispier than other biscuits I had previously tried. It was a decent biscuit that pairs well with other items on it such as chicken or honey. I give Chick-Fil-A biscuit a 3/5.

5. Mama Zoe Michael's

Lauren Mucher

The last stop on our tour was at Mama Zoe Michael's. Mama Zoe's is just a short drive over from Wake's campus. I ordered a plain biscuit with strawberry jelly on the side. My initial thoughts were that it looked similar to Pillsbury biscuits. The biscuit was fluffy and soft, but too dry. Even with the strawberry jelly, it was not moist enough. I give Mama Zoe Michael's biscuits a 2/5, however the restaurant is definitely worth coming to for their other great dishes and prices!

Overall, it was fun to explore Winston-Salem and the best biscuits it had to offer. Biscuits are a southern delicacy and are also fun to make at home! Check out this Joanna Gaines approved recipe for some homemade biscuits!