Phish Food and Half Baked are reason enough to fall in love with Ben and Jerry's — but this love affair is about to go even deeper. The company, which has a history of strong social consciousness, has taken a stand against Australia's same-sex marriage ban. All throughout the Australia, Ben and Jerry's patrons cannot order two scoops of the same flavor until the government makes same sex marriage legal. Here's the full scoop:

Background Info

Since November, when the Senate rejected the national referendum on same-sex marriage the country has been infuriated as it is verified that majority of Australian citizens support the legalization of same-sex marriage. The parliament has the ability to change the law without a national vote, which already show favor for the change, so now it is simply up to the government to make the transition. 

Does this Seem Extreme?

According to Ben and Jerry's "love comes in all flavors", and while this may seem more serious than a lot of their other political movements Ben and Jerry's simply wants people to have the right to marry the person they love and until the Australian government recognizes this basic right, it's one flavor at a time.

Join the Movement Now

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Rica Beltran

So what now? Ben and Jerry's is hoping this encourages citizens to contact their MPs and tell them it is time for legal marriage equality to exist. If you think you agree with this message, sign the petition here. At Ben and Jerry's they love love, and you should too.